School for Evil Little Children

Good day, Quibblo-Peepz. I have been forced to create a business, school, or town etc. for technology class. I created a school where kids go to learn how to be evil. This is an original story, and I hope you like it. It's kinda like hogwarts, but only cause it's a boarding school and they go there for seven years and the teachers are professors, but that's it. Enjoy! P.S. That person down there is main character. :D

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Chapter 1

The Bus, New Friends, and a Rabid Poptart

Don't ask how I got here. Don't ask why I'm sitting on a dinky old bus heading to a school, which is in the middle of the forest, apparentley. Don't ask why I got a letter, saying that I have been accepted into a school called the 'Academy for Evil Children', from some person named ModModNurb (teehee). My mom and dad freaked out when they read my letter, they told me to pack my bags, and now I'm here, not even a full 24-hours later.
I sat near the front, only three seats away from the driver, who was a mean old lady with eyes like a hawk and ears like a... animal that can hear really well? I don't know. She was just an old crab who would yell at everyone to SHUT UP and SIT DOWN and stuff like that. The other kids on the bus were standing up in their seats, yelling across the bus, throwing paper and trash, and generally being 'evil', like the school we were supposedly going to.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN NOW!!!!" The bus driver screamed. Everyone fell into their seats and the last few pieces of paper landed on the floor of the bus with a thud.
"NOW STAY LIKE THAT!!!" She screamed again, then mumbled a few swear words. The girl next to me, who hadn't given me more than a brief 'hi' when she boarded the bus, plopped down in her seat. She had been up on her knees, talking to the people behind us.
She had long, black hair with red highlights, and gray eyes, and pale skin. She looked rather gothish, but she had on a gray t-shirt with a little owl on it and above it it said 'Talk Nerdy To Me', and dark blue skinny jeans. She gave off an aura of confidence and arrogance.

She turned to me and whispered, "Is it your first year at the Academy too?" "Oh, um, yeah, I guess." I felt like an idiot. "What's your name?" She asked politely, shifting her position so she was sitting cross-legged on the seat. "Emma. Emma Wallis." I answered. There came a sudden meow from the cage under my seat before the girl could say anything. I leaned over and opened the latch, and promptly my little, orange, tabby kitten hopped out and then jumped into my lap. I petted her and she purred, curling into a ball. The cat, a girl, was named Brilliant, because she was. I usually just called her Lee, because Brilliant was a mouthful. She answered to both names.
"Aww, she's so cute!" The girl cooed, petting Lee. "What's her name?"
"Brilliant." I answered, "But you can just call her Lee." She scratched behind her ears, and then looked up at me. "You wanna see my pet?" She asked, and the insane tone in her voice made me nervous. "Um, sure..." I answered uneasily, but she was already pulling something from her backpack. She retrieved a small bag, slightly rocking back and forth. I heard snarling and growling coming from it. I backed up quickly, and Lee woke with a start. She fell off my lap unto the seat, where she noticed the bag the girl was holding.
The girl laughed at my expression. "No need to be scared. It won't bite unless I tell it to." Her remark hadn't reassured me at all, but I nodded anyway. She giggled again and set the bag on her lap. She unzipped it a little and peered into it, her face inches from the bag. "Hello, sweetums!" She said in a babying voice, "How's my precious baby today?" The bus hit a bump in the road, and everyone bounced. She retracted her face suddenly, but it went back just as fast and she said, in a more stern voice, "No, you don't bite Mama! I know your scared, but it's a no-no!" She looked up at me, beaming, and unzipped it the rest of the way. She dipped a hand in and then took it out, holding a frosted(?) square, which seemed to be vibrating. "Emma, meet Bob."

She held her hand out, allowing me to see what she was holding. It was a pop-tart, a pop-tart, with legs and arms and beady eyes and a foaming mouth. Growling furiously, it snapped at me, but the girl held it back. Lee stared at the... thing with mild interest. I could see she was measuring it up for a potential snack. "No, Bob! That is not how we treat friends!" She scolded Bob in the same stern but babying voice. Bob retreated up her arm to her shoulder, where she / he / it sat, gnawing on her sleeve. She giggled as if this was the cutest thing in the world and patted it's head with her pointer finger. "Anyway," she said slowly, swinging her head to look at me, "My name is Warren Peace, but just call me Warren, capeesh?" I nodded and she turned to face the front again. I turned to, Lee had returned to my lap and was snoozing there. As I petted her soft, ginger fur, I listened to Warren talk to her poptart (A/N: That is possibly the strangest thing I have ever typed!). For a few minutes we were silent, until Warren gasped. At first, I thought the poptart had attacked her or something, but I was wrong; She was staring out the front window, mouth wide and smiling. "Were almost here!" She exclaimed, and everyone on the bus stood and cheered.

"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN BEFORE I TOSS YOU TO THE KID-EATIN' TREES!!" Ms. Has-Anger-Issues-Bus-Driver yelled. Kid-Eating trees? What fun. I could tell it was going to be an odd year.

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