My Unbreakable Broken Heart.

A story of a girl falling out of love and then stopping her heart from falling back into love. Reviews and Rates are always welcome. Please tell me what you think and don't be afraid to point out mistakes.

Chapter 1

The Break Up.

It was like any other beautiful Spring morning. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, the sky had only hints of clouds and the morning air was still a bit cold. Looking out at campus from her dorm room window, Alina watched as the streets became busier and the sidewalk crowded with students rushing to classes. Still in her pajama's, with her hair matted and eye's swollen, she stood out of her bed and grabbed her clothes. "Might as well go to class," she sighed.

On her way to class Alina tried to avoid the stares and smirks she received from her fellow students. She didn't need this on top of everything else. Looking around the corner to her classroom she spotted him, Mitchel White. Her heart tried to jump out of her chest and make a mad dash for him, but she held her books tighter to her chest, ducked her head and walked past him.

Today was supposed to be the biggest day of her life, getting accepted into a college and starting classes, but it ended up being one of the worst. Her high school sweetheart broke her heart the night before. Mitchel wasn't one to hide what he was thinking, so it came as no surprise to everyone when he told her exactly why he broke it off with her. The only thing that bothered her more then the break up was the reason, she just wasn't good enough for him.

Taking a seat in class in the back corner of the room Alina started to open her books and scan the first lesson. She knew that the four hour long course would be torture. Mitchel and her had decided it was best for them to take a few courses together so that they could help each other out, now it was doing more harm then good.

After a few minutes the class started to fill. The other students acted like they were avoiding her, guess her appearance made it easy to do so. As the professor started the class, he made note to remind the students that they aren't in high school anymore and should act like the adults they are. Scoffing, Alina dug her face deeper into her book.

About half an hour past since the start of class, still trying to avoid the glares she was receiving, Alina looked up with the rest of the class when the door burst open and a young man stumbled into the classroom. "Is this Anthro. 101," the student asked trying to hold onto his books that were threatening to fall to the floor. "Yes," the professor answered with a hint of annoyance in his voice, "and who might you be?" "James Fredrickson sir," the student answered as his books crashed to the floor spreading loose papers everywhere. "Take a seat Mr. Fredrickson," the professor sighed, "and try to keep to yourself and not disrupt any more of my class." Grabbing his things James made his way to the only open seat in the room.

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