Neon (a Starkid story)

Hello again! I am going to finish this... this time. I think it's gonna be a good story, but imma need a lot of feed back on how to make it better, I'll try anything

Are you even reading this? oh well...

Chapter 1

Neon- John Mayer

by: HeheYoshi
I was in another fight with my mom. But this time she was not going to hold me down, I was moving out. Finally, I could do what I wanted to. I was going to move to Michigan, away from everyone I knew so I could start over.
My name is Mercy Leigh Miles, and this is how I became a Starkid.
a year later
“Yes, I understand. Thank you, bye.” I sighed into the phone. I had been laid off once again. I had been working at Starbucks, and apparently customers don’t like when you hum while you take their orders.
But tonight I was not going to worry about being laid off. Tonight I party, and get drunk for the first time. What, I turned 21 three weeks ago it’s about time anyway. I want to my closet and picked out the best clubbing dress I had and put on my converse hightops I have had since middle school. (Yes middle school, I had big feet.)
(Mercy’s Clubbing Clothes:
I got my clothes on and ran to my car. I put the keys in the ignition and drove to the nearest club.
The club was a big place, not many people were here though. I sat in my car for a little while longer. My brain was screaming ‘DON’T GET DRUNK’ while I was whispering back ‘why not’. Two more cars came into the parking lot, both packed with people. I got out and started walking to the club.
“Hey Walker, I bet you won’t talk to her by the end of the night!” a manly voice yelled from behind me
I quickly turned to face him, “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think China heard you!” Then I flipped him off and kept walking.
“Haha, Potter just got told!” I heard a girl laugh
“Shut-it Lopez.”
“I don’t want to, so you can shut-it yourself.”
Whoever Lopez was, I would have to thank her.
In the club there were music, people, and bars. There was even this one guy so tall you could see him from anywhere. I walked around and danced some more, and finally I bumped into the tall guy.
And of course the first thing u said was stupid, “Do you like Aladdin?”
But surprisingly he answered, “Beauty and the Beast is better.”
“Robin Hood is the best.”
“Beauty and the Beast.”
“Beauty and the Beast; a heart warming story of a pedophile beast, stealing little girls and there dads, while trying to fall in love. In the end the pedophile beast gets snow thrown at him, falls in love, and turns into a almost normal pedophile King.” I said almost automatically “That is my definition of Beauty and the Beast.” ([{not really my definition.}])
“I totally disagree, but your funny. Want to go meet Starkids?” The tall guy replied
“Star-whats? Oh well yeah sure, by the way I’m Mercy.”
“I am the Incredible Jim.”
“Sounds very Marvel like.”
“But I’m not, I’m just that badas.s.”
We walked a little farther until we got to a table. A table with about twelve or thirteen people sitting at it.
“Darren, cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. We all know that you can’t get a girl to save your life, much less get Walker a girl.”
“I can to, that girl will be all over me tonight you just watch.”
“Darren, look at Jim… now look at the girl next to Jim… Jim can get a girl you cannot.”
“But, that’s not fair I saw her first!”
The girl must’ve been Lopez. She had the fiery, but funny, attitude.
“Hi, I’m Mercy.” I said while holding my hand out to Lauren
“Hola mujer mi nombre es Lauren.”
“Merci Lauren vous êtes hilarante et vous sauvé mon âne de la guy bicéphale duveteux.”
“I don’t speak that language.” Lauren replied
“Well then I’ll say it like this, Thanks Lauren you are hilarious and you saved my arse from the fluffy headed guy.”
“Oh, burn Darren!” A random guy shouted. I looked at him and it was almost hard to look away, something about him made him seen happy, and childish. He would be my friend to, I could just tell.
I turned to the rest of the group, “Hey peoples, I’m Mercy. Were going to do this the elementry way, stand and state your names.”
“The Incredible Jim!”
“Lauren Lopez at your service,”
Then I decided I would say my name so we were all clear, “Last but not least, the incredi-bad, awesome, country, ginger…. Mercy Leigh Miles!” I swear the whole club went quite, everyone looking at me I simply turned and looked at them to “Do you need to state your names? Or are you waiting for me to do a cool trick?” I asked the crown of people.
The people went back on with their lives. I turned back to the group, they were pretty cool. I had no harsh stares from them like I had from everyone else.
“Mercy,” said Jim “meet the Starkids.”
“Who are the Starkids?” I asked
That question opened a door to a whole new life.

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