In my pants game

im bored. so this is what happens. :) some of these are just weird.haha

Chapter 1

Bordom can be funny

1. Available In my pants
wow. interestiong haha

2 One More Time With Feeling In my pants

3.Kids In my pants
Haha. I sure hope not.

4.World of Chances In my pants

5.Streetlights In my pants

6.Switchblade In my pants

7. Lady In my pants

8. Got Dynamite In my pants
my ipod doesnt like me. :)

9.Catch me While im Sleeping In my pants
No comment

10. Eh,Eh(nothing Else i can Say) In my pants
My ipod really hates me.. or wants it to sound really gross.

11. Come and Find Me In my pants
Gross :)

12. I Hear Noises In my pants
This one made me laugh. haha

13.Time In my pants

14.The Great Salt Lake In my pants
Huh? okay....

15. Trouble In my pants
I don't think so..

My ipod didnt like me. But some made me laugh. Comment please. :)

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