Popular? I guess so...Worth it? Not sure.(Short love story for girls)

*None of this is true.*
glad its not.

Chapter 1

Story of my, popular, fake life.

I'm Sam. Sam Deen. People call me Sammy, Sweet-cakes, or just....Sam. I'm 17, in my last year of high school. I have shoulder length chocolate brown hair, with emerald eyes. I swam for most of my life, giving me a tall, thin body, but curvy as well. I guess I just got it all. People tell me I look stunning, beautiful, but....I can't trust anyone. I used to trust Noah Jacobson, but...that ended.
Alright, enough about me, lets get on to my family. I have a younger sister named Anna, and an older brother named Will. Anna, is the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on. Sure, she's 12, but adorable. People say she looks a lot like me, but I really doubt it. She's beautiful. Now Will? Will is your typical 18 year old. He's pretty much a heartthrob. He has the same emerald eyes as me, except black hair, like my dad. Then come a bunch of aunts and uncles and cousins that I can't even name off the top of my head. So, why bother trying?
I slump in my seat, waiting for the teacher to pass back the tests. I look over to my best friend, Michelle, who shows me her A. I smile, and look up to the teacher who slams the paper on my desk, then gives me a grim smile. "Great job, Sam, you didn't get the lowest grade in the class this time." She walks away. C-. I guess math isn't my thing. Never was, never will. I slip the paper in my backpack, and prepare myself for the lesson of the day: How boring math is. I look at the row in front of me. More specifically at Ben. Ben, is my false boyfriend. He's the most popular guy in school, I'm the most popular girl. We've been "going out" for about a month now. It's torture. Hes bland, boring, and thinks he's amazing just because he has a 6 pack. Give me a break. He has the typical blonde hair and blue eyes figure, like a doll. I hear the teacher clear her throat right in front of me, and wake up from my daze. "Miss Deen? Thanks for waking up." I smile, realizing that I have the classes attention. "Thanks Mrs. G. When are you going to wake up?" This is where I shine. "What was the last thing I said? If you get it wrong, you have detention for a week." She says, a happy smile spread across her lips. She leans against her desk, waiting to hand me 5 detention slips, her fingers itching for it. "Well...'If you get it wrong, you get detention." I repeat. Her eyes ooze with hate as the class bursts into laughter. "One day Sam Deen, one day, you will get kicked out-" The bell interrupts her, sending students stampeding to lunch. "Oh, sorry Mrs. G, gotta go." I say, slinging my backpack over my shoulder, and rushing out the door with a smile on my face.
"Hey..." I hear Ben whisper in my ear as he slides his hands around my waist from behind. I stifle a groan. I was about to leave for home, but was left alone at my locker. "Ben, I got to go-" He plants his lips on mine, and I was left with the only option of kissing him back. "Listen I was thinking..." I say looking over his tall shoulder. I see a boy who was looking at us, but quickly looks to his locker once he sees me. "Yeah? Something wrong babe?" I sigh. "No, see you tomorrow." He leaves, and I walk over to the boy, and getting a closer look, I see it's Noah. Man, has he changed. "Hey Noah." He looks at me, hurt in his eyes. "Hi...Sam." I look into his hazel eyes. "Listen. I've been meaning to talk to you." I say, following him out the doors of the school. "About what? How popular you are? Or about how you ditched me for..../them/." He nods over to a large group of kids, or the popular group, as most people say. Here's Noah's story with me.
We were best, best, best friends in elementary. Inseparable. We just clicked. Him with his short brown hair, me with my long brown hair. In middle school, however, we drifted apart. Middle school was when the "social classes" developed. I instantly became the middle of everything, without even trying. I was just talking to some girls, we became good friends, and there the popular group evolved. But Noah, wouldn't let me take him with us. So....we just separated. For good. It's been 6 years since elementary, and the only talking we've had was hello, and goodbyes. I wanted things to change. I couldn't stand seeing him stare at me down the hallways, or not responding my calls. "I'm sorry! I tried bringing you with me! But you denied me!" He flashes a look at me, leaving me stunned. I watch him walk away, until I can't see him. "Who was that loser?" Michelle asks, walking up next to me. "I....I don't know anymore." I respond, in a barley audible voice.
The next day in math class, the struggling kids got tutors. And guess who I got? Mr. Noah Jacobson. We were the only two left in the class. Mrs. Green tells him his duties. "Noah, you'll be responsible for teaching Miss Sammy here how to divide. And add. And subtract-" "Okay! He gets it! I'm as stupid as a brick! Got it." I say, getting impatient. "Smartest think you've ever said in my class." She says, grinning ear to ear. I sneer, and walk out.
After that day, I sat down at the small table outside, waiting for Noah. He should come over for our first lesson. Or at least to help on my homework. I look around. The place is deserted. I groan, and get my book and journal out. "Might as well start..." I mumble to myself. "Need help?" I hear a voice behind me say. I turn around to see Noah, looking hot.
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