You Took My Pain Away (MJ Love Story)

Alyssa has just turned 17. She is still constantly being bullied and wishes for an escape.

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Chapter 1


17. I never thought I would make it to 17. I always thought I would end up dying before reaching this age. I think it is more of wishful thinking though.
I would stare at knives and think how easy it would be to just slit my wrists and and slowly fade away. But I could never bring myself to do it.
I had heard about people losing their will to live and they just slip away in their sleep. I tried that. I tried that with all my being. But it didn't work. It was almost as if I couldn't lose my will.

I stared down at the piece of paper I had been doodling on. There was a big heart in the center. I outlined the symbolic shape with my fingertips.
Movies made it look so easy. Every character always finding that one person that was meant for them, they go on this extraordinary adventure, then live happily ever after.
Hollywood had it all wrong. That's not what its really like, here in real life.

I pulled my new Jackson's CD out of my bag and stared at the lead singer on the cover. Michael Jackson.
I lightly touched the cover with my fingertips. I was about to open it and place it in my CD player, when someone snatched the CD from my hands.
I whirled around to see Trevor holding it in his hand and looking at his friend, Jason and laughing.
"You like this garbage?" he scoffed as he pointed to the CD and looking at me.
"Oh. Oh. Let me guess. Michael Jackson is sooo cute." Jason said mimicking a girls voice.
"Give it back." I said.
"Sorry. I dont speak 'freak'." Trevor laughed.
He opened the CD case and took out the CD.
"Hmm. Shiny." Trevor said looking at it then back at me with an evil grin.
He grabbed the disc with both hands and broke it in two.
"OOPS." he said looking at me.
He dropped the broken CD along with the case. He and Jason started laughing stupidly.
Anger rose in my throat as I glared at Trevor.
"Uh oh." Trevor looked at Jason with mock fright. "She is mad. The freak is mad. Save me Jason!"
I took a few steps toward him. You have bullied me the last time. I thought to myself.
My fist made hard contact with his nose.
Trevor stumbled backwards holding his nose and looking at me horrified that I had actually done something.
I gave him the you-break-my-things-I-break-your-face look.

"Alyssa, you hit Trevor in the face because he broke your CD?" the principal asked.
I didn't look at her. I just stared at the edge of her desk.
He deserved it. I thought.
"I never thought you had a temper, Alyssa." she said gazing at me.
No I dont. I thought.
I am just the girl that sits in the back of the classroom, not looking or talking to anyone. I am just your typical outcast.
The nickname of 'freak' did not bother me. After all, it was just a name. A label. A social circle. A name used on someone to make someone else feel better.
The principal sighed and dissmissed me to go home.

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