You Took My Pain Away (MJ Love Story)

Alyssa has just turned 17. She is still constantly being bullied and wishes for an escape.

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Chapter 2

Unbelievable Luck

A walk home in the rain. The only time when no one can see your tears. I loved the rain. Sometimes it felt like the sky was crying with me.
I watched a couple walking underneath an umbrella. The man held the umbrella and opened the door to the restaurant for her.
How sweet.
I wish I had someone who loved me like that.
I looked up at the sky. It was a greenish gray color. I heard a loud tap next to me. I looked down to see a hailstone the size of a golf ball.
More hail fell like it was raining rocks. It felt like it too. I used my arm to shield my face and head as I ducked into the nearest building.
The door closed behind me and I sighed.
Well, so much for getting home.
I looked around and went through two more double doors to see I had entered a stage/theatre room.
Equipment was set on stage as if someone had been practicing here. I looked around. There was no one here. It was quiet, except for the hail beating on the roof.
I sat down in the back row and set down my bag and waited for the hail to end.
"Miss, you can't be here." a man, who I assumed was the keeper of this building tapped my shoulder.
"I am sorry. But we have people practicing and they cant afford any distractions.
I sighed and gathered my things.
"Sorry." I said getting up.
I headed towards the door.
"She wont be a distraction." I heard a soft voice say from behind me.
I stopped at the door and waited, not turning around.
"Besides," he continued. "Its hailing outside. What kind of a person would send someone out in a hailstorm?"
"Alright, miss. You can stay. Are you sure it wont be a problem, Mr. Jackson?"
This IT had a name. I thought annoyed. I think I liked it better when he called me miss.
Wait............did he just say Jackson?
I turned around to see Michael Jackson standing in front of me smiling.

"I'm Michael." he extended his hand to me.
I stared at him for a moment. Had I been hit in the head with a hailstone before I got here? Maybe I was lying on the ground, knocked out, outside and just dreaming this. Death by hail.
"Oh. Alyssa." I said taking his hand. "Parker....Alyssa Parker."
He smiled and kissed my hand gently.
"Hello, Alyssa Parker." he said looking at me.

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