You Took My Pain Away (MJ Love Story)

Alyssa has just turned 17. She is still constantly being bullied and wishes for an escape.

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Chapter 4

An Unfortunate Experience Turns Fortunate

A few moments later and the hail still hadnt let up. If anything it had gotten harder. I sat in the chair in the back of the auditorium. My father was going to kill me. I should have been home at least two hours ago. I could only hope that he was too drunk or already passed out from consuming a mass amount of alcohol so I could play it off as I had been there the whole time.
The sounds of a siren going off brought me back to the present. I saw Michael appear next to me. He grabbed my arm suddenly and I flinched.
"Im sorry." he apologized. "We need to get somewhere safe. A tornado is headed this way."
He extended his hand out to me and I took it. We headed behind the stage. As the door closed behind us, I heard what sounded like an explosion. And Michael fell ontop of me.
"Hurry!" he yelled.
He grabbed my hand and we raced to the back of the room. Pieces of wood and equipment flew everywhere. Michael led me to a small back room and closed the door behind us. He grabbed anything soft and placed it around me. Then he sat with me and waited.
"What about you?" I asked over the noise.
"Ill be fine." he yelled.
The room around us seemed to shake and I was sure the roof was going to collapse on us. Everything rattled and shook violently.
There was so much crashing and banging that it scared me. I put my hands over my ears and shut my eyes tight. I felt hands over mine helping me block out the noise. I opened my eyes and saw they were Michael's hands.

Finally there was silence. Michael uncovered my hands from my ears.
"Are you alright?" he asked me.
I nodded. Everything seemed so loud to me now.
"Michael?" I heard a frantic voice call from outside the door.
Michael stood up and walked to the door and opened it. I got up and brushed myself off.
"I have to father.." I said to Michael.
"Is probably worried." he finished and nodding as if he understood.
I hesitated. My father? Worried? That's a laugh.
"Yea...I guess you could say that." I looked down uncomfortably.
We stood like that for what seemed like ever.
"Hey, would you mind if I got your number or somethin?" he asked out of the blue.
I looked up at him and he immediately started blushing.
"You know, to check up on you," he scratched his head nervously. "Maybe, i dont know, see you."
I smiled slightly. I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and started writing my number. My father wouldnt mind me talking to someone, would he? Well, I was taking a risk. But after being bullied so much and not having any friends he would understand....right? I mean, he usually didnt like me around anyway, so it would be alright.....right?
Michael smiled as I handed him the piece of paper. Then he wrapped me in a hug.
"I'll see you around then, right Alyssa?" he asked.
I smiled. "Yes." I said.

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