You Took My Pain Away (MJ Love Story)

Alyssa has just turned 17. She is still constantly being bullied and wishes for an escape.

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Chapter 5


I entered my house and closed the door as quietly as I could. I looked into the living room to see my father drowning in bottles and gazing at the television with a blank stare. I took off my coat and quietly began making my way to the stairs.
"Where were you?" I heard my father's gruff voice ask from the living room.
I stopped and entered the room and looked at him. He was still staring at the television and he hadn't moved.
"I got caught in the hail and the tornado. I-"
He turned his hateful gaze to me.
"I told you to come straight home after school!" He yelled.
My father stood up and walked to me. I immediately felt like shrinking into a dark corner. He loomed over me, his eyes glazed from the effects of the alcohol. I lowered my gaze submissively.
"I was caught in the hail and tornado....not that you would have cared." I mumbled.
The next thing I knew. I was on the floor and my nose was bleeding. I held my nose and tears streamed down my cheeks. He walked over to me and picked me up by my collar and threw me across the room.
"Dont you DARE disrespect me!" he yelled.
I felt the table crack from underneath me. My sides hurt and I was sure there was a huge bruise on my face. I held my side and my nose and ran up to my room and slammed the door. Tears flew down my cheeks like tiny waterfalls.
I could hear my fathers footsteps coming up the stairs and I shrank back into the wall on my bed. He opened the door with such force that the doorknob made a dent in the wall.
He gazed at me with hateful and drunken eyes. Then he ran towards me and slammed me against the wall. The air flew out of my lungs as I desperately tried to breathe. He punched my stomach repeatedly until blood sprurted from my mouth. Then as quickly as he came, he left me. Left me to lie in agony with no medicine, no help, and no love.
I held my stomach and cried. It hurt to cry, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to do anything.
The phone in my room rang and I quickly picked it up.
"H-hello?" my voice broke.
"Alyssa? Its me Michael." Michael's voice sounded on the other end. "You alright? You sound...different."
My heart broke. I couldnt say anything. I tried to stop but I ended sobbing into the phone.
"Alyssa? Tell me whats wrong." his voice sounded serious.
"I cant--I cant---" I sobbed.
I coughed and more blood rose in my throat.
"Thats it Im coming to get you." he said. "where do you live?"
"No...dont....he'll kill you...." I tried to warn him.
"Alyssa...Where do you live."
I had no other choice. I mean, I was either gonna die from my father beating me all the time, or die some other painful way.
"322 North Anderson Dr." I said into the phone.
"Alright. Im coming to get you." then the line went dead.

I hardly noticed what happened next. There was my father standing over me. He seemed to materialize from thin air.
"Seeing someone?" he asked looking down at me.
I looked up at him.
"No..." I shook my head.
"Dont LIE to me." he picked me up by my neck.
I gasped for air that refused to enter my lungs.
"You think that he is gonna save you?" he looked at me disgusted.
I clawed at his firm grip on my neck. I looked back at him with terror and fright shining in my eyes. My head spun and I swear I could see him smiling. Then everything went black.

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