You Took My Pain Away (MJ Love Story)

Alyssa has just turned 17. She is still constantly being bullied and wishes for an escape.

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Chapter 6

Emotion Unknown To Me

I felt sheets wrapping around me and a small mattress under me. There was a fluffed up pillow under my head and a steady beeping noise that started to annoy me. I opened my eyes slowly to see that it was dark. I began to feel a pain all over my stomach and I winced. Something moved to my right and I flinched away only to be put in more pain. I looked to see that it was Michael.
"Shh." he whispered. "Its gonna be alright."
I felt Michael's hand on my forehead as he brushed back the hair that stuck to my face. I tried to sit up but a pain flashed throughout my stomach and I winced in pain.
"None of that." Michael gently pushed me back down.
I gazed up at him.
"What happened to me?" I asked.
All I remembered was passing out with his grip around my neck choking off any air supply. I could feel the pain in my stomach. Michael sighed and looked down.
"When I found were on the floor..he had stabbed you repeatedly" I watched his eyes move as if he were reliving the whole incident. "There was so much blood....I thought you were dead."
I watched tears well in his perfect chocolate brown eyes and I put my hand on his. He sighed and a single tear fell. Then I lifted the covers to see bandages wrapped around my stomach. Michael stared at my bandages knowing what lie just underneath them.
"I should have been faster..I should have gotten there sooner....if I did...he wouldnt have done any of that to you." he looked angry and pained all at the same time.
"Michael..Its alright..Im fine now." I said trying to comfort him.
He looked at me alarmed.
"Alyssa, how can you say that? Its not alright. Its never alright. What he did to you...thats...." he started shaking. "Thats.....unacceptable."
I grabbed his hand and squeezed it to calm him down and he looked at me. Never before had I seen such anger in his eyes.
Never had I seen someone stick up for me and tell me that, for once, it wasnt alright. Never had I had someone come to my rescue. This was completely new to me. I couldnt believe it. I gazed back into those eyes and saw something that I had never seen before. I wasnt sure what it was. But it made me feel like I was safe and warm. What was this strange emotion? Did everyone have it?
"Im sorry...Michael. I've just never had before." I looked up at him.
Caring? Was that what it was? seemed more complex than that.
Michael sighed and gazed at me with something like hurt in his eyes. He squeezed my hand.
"Well, you do now." his voice sounded heavy.

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