The Dead Girl (a very short ghost story)

Chapter 1

Short Horror

once upon a time there were five kids. They were named Alice, Erin, Bobbi, Jayden, and Sara. They were the bests of friends, until one time they were almost tore apart.

It all started on August 27th, their first day of school at Dareville Middle School. When this new girl named Lucy came along. The five girls tried to be friends with her but Lucy was too shy to talk to them until on chilly afternoon.

It was September when Lucy finally apologized for being rude and not talking to the five girls who tried to be nice to her. They forgave her and started to hang out with her. Alice, Erin, Bobbi, Jayden, and Sara didn’t know Lucy’s deep dark secret that she was a ghost and killed innocent girls like them after she was friends with them, but there was series of strange events that come before the actual kill.

The first peculiar occurrence was when the whole school knew who Alice liked. She only told her best friends and her new friend, Lucy. So someone had to tell. She was thinking it was Jayden since she liked like same guy and was always a little jealous of her. Alice and Jayden got into a huge fight and decided they weren’t friends anymore. The other three girls didn’t know what side to pick. They were very confused. Lucy liked all of this of course it was her first step to killing them, to separate them from each other so they aren’t as strong.

The second strange incidence was during lunch that day when Bobbi and Sara got into a fight about who stole whose food and those two never fight! They confirmed that they weren’t friends with each other anymore. Erin was really clueless and lonely now she had four friends who were fighting and she didn’t know what to do! Lucy was happy when all of them were separated finally.

Erin was thinking that was very weird how her four friends were fighting who never even fight at all. She was getting very suspicious and decided to investigate this huge misunderstanding. She talked to all her friends saying their side of the story. They all thought it was either the other person or that people were to dramatic.

One day however, Erin realized none of them did it and the only other person who knew their secrets or sat with them at lunch was Lucy! So after school she followed Lucy home and found a lot of odd things, for example, she found that Lucy lived in an old barn and had all kinds of guns and knives in her room. Then she saw Lucy walk through a wall! There was also this secret room where she came out of cautiously. When Lucy was gone, Erin decided to go in that room. She found lots of blood and dead people. Suddenly, there was a door that slammed shut and she knew Lucy was back. So she was trying to find a way out. When she tripped and found a secret passage that led back outside. Erin was very relieved she didn’t get caught.

The next day Erin was going to attempt to put her friends back together to destroy Lucy. That didn’t work at all! So she had to tell them the whole story and they believed her because she never ever lies about anything! Her friends still didn’t want to be together but they put away their differences to help Erin out.

After supper time that day they followed Erin with their bikes, where she saw Lucy at.

Lucy was home so they had to be as quiet as a mouse, and as sneaky as a fox to get in. First of all Erin had to find the secret entrance thing. When she finally found it they crept in. Erin was trying to find the door to see if it was all clear. It was when she checked and Lucy was sleeping upstairs in her old fashioned room. They all tiptoed up the stairs to find Lucy snoring. The four other girls were furious when they saw her, and Erin was terrified. They shot Lucy in the head and the last word they heard from her was you fools I am all ready dead.

Twelve years later… all of the girls where happily married to their high school sweet hearts and had kids of their own. For Lucy she was going to get her revenge but this time on their daughters in the year of 2034. The horror will come back again and replenish!


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