Well, My bf and I love Adventure Time. Hes Finn and I'm Marceline:.:.: Hope you like it:) [[Beware. Thee characters here don't really fit with Adventure Time]]

Chapter 1


by: AriaLynn
I could feel the breeze messing up my hair, but cooling me down. The moon was bright that night, illuminating everything, distracting me. I had been having problems with Finn. I recently found out he was cheating on me with my best friend. But that didn't matter right now. Nothing did. It was 11.11.11 and 10:49 pm. Within a half hour, I'd make thee ultimate wish. The wish only made every hundred years. The 11.11.11 at 11:11 wish. I was starting to shiver, that breeze getting to me. I went inside. My eyes had adjusted to the dark so the light hurt. As I walked through to my room, I can smell my mom making spaghetti. I could hear my grandmother's loud tv - she was basically deaf- and brother's video games. I went to my room, which always seemed to be the coldest. I grabbed a blanket and my book. I checked my clock, making sure I didn't miss my wish, although I had an alarm set. The clock read 11:02. My anticipation grew. The book was about a guy and a girl -of course. The guy had hurt the girl so she'd told him to leave her alone. As she was walking away, he grabbed her arm and pulled her in and whispered, " I love you, Beautiful. I know I hurt you, but I'm prepared to spend however long it takes to make it up to you..." My alarm went off and I jumped. It was 11:09, but I couldn't stop from thinking of a wish. 'I wish someone would care about me that much- to mean it&&prove it.' At that moment, I heard a commotion going on. "What the f-", my mom began. "I'm sorry, just give me a sec, please?", it was Finn's voice. What was he doing here? Before I could get up and find out, he was at my door and out of breath. "What?", was all I could manage. I stood up. "Marceline," he said grabbing my hand and I was too shocked to pull away, "I'm so sorry. Really." "What are you doing here? How did you get here?" Yes! I spoke words! Finn lived a town over, didn't have a car and I'm pretty sure his mom wouldn't bring him this late. " I ran. I had to see you. I couldn't go one day, this day, knowing I'd hurt you." We had made plans for this day, but when I found out about everything, I canceled. " I could 'wish' all I want that you were okay, but there was only one way I could be certain." He pulled me into a tight embrace. At that moment, I couldn't lie to myself. As bad as I wanted to be mad at him and make him feel the same pain I did, I couldn't resist this. I hugged back, all the strength I could, tippies and everything. He put his lips to my ear - lips that I had missed so much- and whispered, "Please, I'm so sorry, but I'd do anything I could to make us right again. I care too much about you and should have realized I had the most beautiful, kind, amazing girl in the world." My alarm went off. 11:11 pm.


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