"I Don't Care!"~ A Young Remus Lupin Love Story

Ok, this is my fourth story! Not sure if I want to continue my others but I was just in the mood for something sad! I decided to write this one, not really sure what's gonna happen yet, but hope it's good! So here goes!

Chapter 1

Brooke Kenzie~ BIO

by: Stylinson
Full Name: Brooke Kenzie
DOB: 3rd of June
Blood: Halfblood
- Mother: Jude Kenzie
- Father: Ben Kenzie
- Sister: Ali Kenzie (4 1/2 years older)
- Lily Evans (Grown up together)
- Alexandera Rae (Grown up together)
Chocolate brown hair, an inch off shoulders. Dark brown eyes, almost black. Glasses for reading and writing. About 5 feet and 1 inch tall. (Many people say she is stunning but she always disagrees)
Funny and intelligent. Likes to read and draw. Wants to be an Auror. Sometimes not very brave but if her friends or family are involved she will definatly rise up. Creative and likes rain and cold weather. Unique.
Patronus: Wolf
Animagus: Wolf, chocolate brown
- Metamorphmagus

(A/N: Thanks for reading Brooke's BIO! Brooke is based on myself with two exceptions. I don't think I'm pretty and my last name. (Don't want any stalkers!) Hope you enjoy the story!)

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