Here's a really funny joke!

Chapter 1

The bear and the rabbit

by: Whizzeyes
There's a bear and a rabbit. The bear loves meat and the rabbit loves running after the bear to annoy him. One day the rabbit finally caught the bear and then he saw a magic lamp. He rubbed it and a genie came out.
"Three wishes each," he said. "Bear, go first."
"OK," the bear said. "I wish for everything in this wood to be meat!"
The genie snapped his fingers. "OK, now you, Rabbit."
"I wish that I had a motorbike!"
SNAP! "OK, bear, now you."
"I wish for everything in the country to be made of meat!"
SNAP "Rabbit?" asked the genie.
"Uh...I'd like a helmet so I can go really fast on my motorbike," he said.
SNAP! His wish was granted. "Now you bear. Last one," warned the genie.
"I wish everything in the universe was made of meat!" said the bear.
SNAP! His wish was granted. "Now you, Rabbit," said the genie.
"Hmmm...Oh, I know! I wish the bear was a vegetarian," grinned the rabbit.
SNAP! His wish was granted.


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