Breaking Out In Song~Glee

This is the story of two girls as they dance and sing around McKinely High School. Emi Boswell and Katherine Goodwin are 10th graders at MHS, and sometimes Glee Club isn't all clefs, Nationals, and hitting that G#.

Chapter 1

Characters, Yay!

Created by: rainpelt_emily :)
Name: Emi Boswell
Grade: 10th
Favorite Song: Good Gone Girl
Favorite Singer: Mika (because she's the only one that can reach his high notes XD)
In Glee Club?: Yes.
Love Interest: Nick Duval (Warbler)
Personality: Very playful, kind, caring, loves friends and family. Very excitably, quite Girly when she wants to be.
Appearance: Hazel eyes, long brown hair normally straight. Quite tall, and usually wears skinny jeans with a printed tee and converse.
Best Friend: Kurt Hummel, Thad (warbler)
Hates Rachel?: Nope
Type of Voice: Soprano (quite high)
Dancing Ability: Quite advanced

Created by: Yous Truly! DamienMcGintysGal :)
Name: Katherine Goodwin
Grade: 10th :)
FavSong: A Thousand Years by Christina Perry
FavSinger: Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix/ Avi from Pentatonix (From the Sing-Off)
InGleeClub?: Duh!
LoveIntrest: Rory Flanagan/Sebastian from Warblers until she finds out he's gay :)
Personality: Sweet, loving, kinda dumb sometimes, new studetn so she's kinda shy at first(that's how she and Rory get so close), bubbly, has a dry sense of humor, trys out for Cherrios(I don't know if she's gonna make it yet!)
Apereance: honey-colored hair(past her shoulder blades) with blue higlights, blue and gold-flecked eyes, short(5'3), slender, pale skin, usually wears skirts and short dresses, strapless tops, high-heeled boots, crop tops, etc.
BFFs: Sebastian from the Warblers, Tina, Artie, Finn, and Rory
HatesRachel?: Sometimes. Likes to be in spotlight every once in a while.
Type of Voice: Soprano and Vocal Percussionist
Dancing Ability: Ballet, very flexible, backflips/jumps/etc.

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