My Life Upside Down- A Hunger Games FanFic

I love Hunger Games A LOT so I'm making a story about it. It's from a girl's point of view who get's selected into the Hunger Games before Katniss started the whole rebellion.

Chapter 1

The Reaping

by: CherryTop
"Dee, get ready for the reaping!" my mom calls from inside the kitchen. Our tiny straw house in District 11 is full of sorrow today. My older brother, Tray, got picked last year and he was murdered.

I should explain what the reaping is. The Capitol hosts a violent game every year called the Hunger Games. 2 tributes from every District (there are 12 Districts, one boy and one girl) are selected to go into the arena and fight for the death. There is no good reason for it. Just something to keep the people of Panem, our country, amused. That's how cruel President Snow is.

If you do happen to win, you get loads of money and get to live in a fancy house. The last winner from District 11, however, was about 25 years ago. My brother had the horrible fortune of going last year. He was killed by a boy in District 3, who won the entire Hunger Games. I swore if I ever saw that boy he would pay. I cried when I saw it happen. The Games are broadcasted live and you are forced to watch them.

I sigh and sit on our mat. I don't feel like getting ready, as I had my name put in 45 times for tessarae. Tessarae is where they give you grain and oil for you name to be put in 5 times. So we got 9 bags of grain and oil,since we are on the poorer side. I swore to my mother that I would NOT let my 6 younger siblings go on tessarae and face the Hunger Games.

My youngest sibling, Jay, who is 5, walks into the mat room. He is wearing his best shirt and slacks, although he messed up his hair. "Hunger Games time?" he asks. That's bad; my 5-year-old brother who can hardly talk can say those three words. I want to cry, but hold in my tears.

"Yes," I reply. I hug him and head up to the room I share with my 2 other sisters, Polly and Violet. They are dressed already and are combing each other's hair. Polly and Violet are twins and look just like me; dark brown hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, and a straight-arrow body. They are 10, and I'm 13. They don't need to worry about the Hunger Games for another 2 years, since they only take teens between the ages of 12 and 18, but everyone is forced to go.

I put on my light blue simple dress with a ruffle on the bottom. I always wear my hair in a ponytail, but I decide to braid it with blue ribbons inside. I look quite good, but my heart has a hole in it. Tray still could've been here, I think, and we wouldn't have to worry about the Hunger Games.

I wait downstairs and see Polly and Violet come down, followed by my 12-year-old brother Waldon. Behind him is Jay and then the two youngest twins, Asher and Quin. The only other sibling old enough to be in the Hunger Games is Waldon. He has his name is 6 times for tessarae.

Mom grabs my shoulder and says, "Take them to the square, Dee. I will meet you outside in a moment." I nod and hold Asher and Quin's hands as we head out the door. My knees are shaking and I feel nauseous. Waldon puts his hand on my shoulder comfortingly, his blue eyes bright and strong.

Mom and Dad walk out, my dad in his white and black button-up shirt with black pants, and my mom in a simple yellow dress. They both look stunning, but the mood is ruined as I see the mayor talking to the woman who announces the tributes. Her name is Reyna Farsee and she is a Capitol prototype, meaning she as had multiple surgeries. She has bright green hair and her skin is an alarming shade of yellow. The tattoos all over her arms, face, and legs give a weird bright look to her. Her two front teeth are pointed, different from last year.

I see my best friend Winona and her family. She is an only child, a rare thing in District 11. She lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin since her mom and dad died in a train crash when she was 4.

I feel more nauseous by the second and by the time the mayor steps onto the platform I am about to vomit. "Calm down, Dee," my mother tries to sooth, but I know it's no use. My name is in there more than any other girl's, and I have a feeling I am going to get picked.

Maybe I could win the Games. Maybe. I'm good with a bow, but I can never imagine murdering a person in cold blood. Maybe I'd hide the whole time, occasionally coming out to hunt for food and water. But no need to worry about something like that yet, right...?

The mayor greets everyone and the Anthem plays. Then he gives the long speech about the honor of serving in the Hunger Games and how he wishes everyone the best of luck. I gag in my mouth as I see him throw a kiss to the crowd. "This is no time for celebrating!" I angrily whisper.

"Hush, Dee," hushes my Father. He is pale but looking strong.

"Now, the moment we've all been waiting for!" The mayor says. He gestures for Reyna Farsee to come up with the ballot box, which is filled to the brim. I can see my name written on 2, 3, 5 of them.

Reyna greets us and then says, "Ladies first!" She rummages through her box and there is complete silence as she pulls out the name. Asher is sucking his thumb and Violet is holding onto Polly's hand nervously.

"Dee Derison!"

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