I Smile Because I Think Of You, And I Blush (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Here it is! I'm sorry I can't make everyone happy, but I (think) I like it so far!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A frigid gust of air whips your face as you step off the train in a rush of 6th year students rushing to see their friends again. "Good to be back" you think to yourself sarcastically as you make your way across the platform to where you promised you'd meet your friends. "Bells!" You turn and whip your hair out of your face to see your best friend walking up behind you. Her long black hair against her pale skin making her look like a ghost as she struggles to carry her trunk up to your level on the platform.
"I missed you so much!" she says as she throws her arms around your shoulders and you smile,
"I missed you too, Aspen!" you let go and the two of you grab your things and follow the crowd of students walking to the school.
"So how was your Summer?" Aspen asks eagerly, her cheeks red from the cold air and foggy weather that's hung over the city for weeks now.
"It was alright, nothing really exciting though..." you take a glance around the crowd and observe the different "cliques" that somehow exist even in the teenage wizarding world. You see Cho and her group of gorgeous Ravenclaw friends, Fred and George Weasley with their brother Ron and his friends, the first years, and when you think you've seen everyone your eyes find a head of platinum blonde hair sticking out in the crowd. Noticing it's Draco Malfoy you immediately lower your eyes and try to get back into your conversation with Aspen, and it occurs to you that she's been talking this entire time.
"... And my parents let me bring Harry with me up to our house by the lake, it was absolutely beautiful..." it takes you a moment for it to register in your head, but you remember that she's been dating that Harry Potter boy since 3rd year. Entering your 6th year now you begin thinking about how you've had one boyfriend while they've been together, and that ended in the ugliest way a relationship could. Since then you've been as single as can be and at this point had just about given up on finding someone worth your time. You look up at the sky as a light snow begins to fall and as you lower your eyes back down to their normal level you notice Draco's grey eyes staring at you over the crowd. Swearing it was just a freak thing you meet his eye level and he smirks. Your cheeks warm up and you jerk your head around and force yourself back into the conversation.
"So you spent lots of time with Harry? That's cute!" you stutter out and Aspen laughs,
"No silly I said the only big chunk of time I got with him was the trip to the lake!" you feel your cheeks flush again and look at your feet, Aspen continues, "You're so spacy today, what's on your mind?" but as soon as you start to lie and say "Oh, nothing" you jolt forward as someone much taller than you runs into you head on. Dropping your bag with a heavy thud you look up and see those grey-green eyes from earlier staring back. Your mind goes blank for a split second as you breathe in and catch that he smells absolutely amazing. "Well hey there" it takes a minute for your mind to register what he says before you respond,
"Oh, hello" you say awkwardly. Smacking yourself in your mind for being so weird.
"Sorry about that, I got distracted and didn't see you there"
"That's okay, I'm not very noticeable" You say quietly, praying he can't tell how nervous you are to even be talking to him.
"Oh no, you don't get it. I was staring at you and didn't exactly see where I was going... Until I ran right into you..." your cheeks flush and you smile while still looking at the ground. You look up to meet his eyes and he's smiling as well as pushing the hair out of his eyes.
"Well, you're very sweet. I don't believe we've met, but I'm Arabella" you reach out your hand and he grabs it lightly and kisses it.
"Hey there Arabella, I'm Draco." he smirks and you feel your stomach fill up with butterflies and your head become light. He looks at you again and smiles before asking, "You're in Slytherin, right? I know I've seen you before but I just can't figure out from where."
You smile, "Yes, I am. I think we're supposed to all meet in the common room before dinner..." Draco smiles and you could have sworn that he blushed a bit, you finish "Maybe we could walk together? Even after 6 years I still get lost." You say jokingly.
"That sounds perfect." he helps you pick up your things and the two of you walk with the crowd into the school. You realize that Aspen must have either lost her way or left when Draco showed up, and you look around quickly trying to figure out where she is. Assuming she's probably with Harry and Harry's probably with Ron, you search for the characteristically red heads that members of the Weasley family are known for. Suddenly you see a hand waving frantically at you from over the crowd, Harry's head is sticking out right next to it and he shoots you a smile.
"We've got her, don't worry!" he yells over the crowd. You smile back and shift your mind back to thinking about Draco. His tall frame looms over you and you estimate that he's about 4 inches taller than you and much stronger, his arms carved perfectly and his shoulders solid. He looks down and you quickly shift your eyes to your feet and smile.
"Are you... Blushing?" Draco asks playfully and you can't get the words out of your mouth quick enough to form a reply before Professor Snape begins the same boring lecture he gives every year. You start playing with your hair, admiring the way its gold undertone's change in the light. In your family everyone was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, but somehow you ended up with an auburn head of hair and green eyes that turn grey in the sun. "Always the weird one..." you think to yourself right as Snape finishes up his final rule - something not leaving without his permission. You look up suddenly and Draco's eyes are fixated on you, but only for a split second. Swearing you saw the faintest trace of a smile on his face, you avert your eyes back to the crowd of people and notice Aspen waving from the other side, you wave back and an annoyed look crosses her face. You mouth "What?" and she gestures for you to come to her. Quickly you walk to where she's sitting and she pulls your head closer while saying in a hushed voice, "I know he's cute, but Bells, he's dangerous." you pull away and give her a blank stare.
"I know who he is. Don't worry, I'm not interested."
"Good" she murmurs and you walk back to Draco's side. Thinking to yourself, "Why would she even... I don't like him. I just met him! I mean he isn't even THAT cute..." You sneak a look up at him again, admiring how clear it is how strong he is as he's crossing his arms, and how the light intensifies his platinum shade of blonde hair...
That night after dinner you find your dorm with Aspen already in it, looking a little upset. "What took you so long? Were you with Draco again?"
"What? No! I was talking with Valerie, of course I wasn't with him!" she nods her head and looks down at her feet. "Why do you ask?"
"He's dangerous, like I said. I don't want you to get hurt, Arabella. He's got a bad reputation and you know who his father is."
"Are you just saying that because of --?" she cuts you off abruptly.
"Don't say Harry. I can have my own opinions about people, and he's no good. Please stay away from him."
"I. Don't. Like. Draco. I promise. He wouldn't go for a girl like me anyway, we just started talking, nothing even happened."
"If you say so. Now please, can we go to bed? I'm absolutely exhausted." you brush your teeth and don't even bother pulling back the covers before you fall fast asleep...
When you wake up it's still dark out, but somehow you can't fall back asleep. You get up and get dressed for the day, checking out your schedule as you're brushing your teeth. "Potions first period... Great." you mumble, it's your least favorite class and it puts you to sleep every year. You tiptoe out the door as quietly as possible and walk into the Slytherin common room, breathing in the familiar scent of the fireplace. Turning around the corner you walk into the corridor and take your time walking through - being careful to look at every portrait.
"Up a little early, aren't we?" you freeze. Too nervous to turn around, your mind races as you try to pin the deep voice with a face. Giving up after a few seconds, you turn on your left heel and find Draco Malfoy inches from your face.
"I could ask you the same thing." you say quietly, hoping harder than ever that he can't tell your voice is shaking. He takes half a step closer and pushes the hair out of your face.
"I asked you first" he whispers. Your head feels light and your stomach fills with butterflies. Desperately trying to sound calm you reply,
"I couldn't sleep..."
"Why's that?"
"Too much on my mind, I suppose. Now why are you up?" you flash him a nervous smile and he presses his forehead against yours.
"I couldn't sleep either."
"And why's that?" you ask, trying to sound innocent.
"... Too busy thinking about this..." he moves both his big hands up, cradling your face between them. Slowly slipping one behind your neck and one under your chin he lightly touches his lips to yours. The feeling of his kiss is electrifying before he pulls away and takes a step back and stares at the ground, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean... I'm sorry." you freeze again. What just happened? "I kissed Draco Malfoy, that's what" you think to yourself and he turns around and starts to walk away.
"Draco, wait, don't go." he stops in his tracks and you step up behind him. "Wait." you say again, putting a hand on his arm. "Please stay." he turns around and meets your eyes.
"No... I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry Arabella, if you know what's good for you you'll stay away from me." you stare at him again,
"And if I don't know what's good for me?" You close the space between the two of you, "I know you aren't dangerous"
Draco opens his mouth but pauses, looking you over. He reaches his hand out and twirls your hair around his fingers slowly. "You have beautiful hair..."
"You didn't answer my question."
"I just don't want you to get hurt."
"I trust you"
"You shouldn't."
"I'll prove you wrong." Draco smirks and you wrap your arms around his waist. He lowers his head so it's resting in your hair.
"You smell nice..." he mumbles and you blush as he wraps his arms around your shoulders. "What do you say we ditch potions?" you smile and let go of his waist.
"I'd love to, Draco" he starts walking down the corridor and you follow close as he leads you outside of the castle. "But where exactly are we going?" Draco turns around and puts his hands on yours.
"Just trust me."
"Okay." and he starts walking again towards the forbidden forest. You feel a bit uneasy but force yourself to continue following him. Pushing your hair out of your face as you try to keep your balance walking down the steep slope down into the forest. You lose sight of him at first but catch glimpses of his white blonde hair every few steps, the fog thickens as you go deeper into the forest. "Draco? Where'd you go?" you take a few steps forward and stop to look around. A pair of hands land on your waist and you jump, "What are you doing?" he rests his head against your hair again and you smile.
"I just like it out here... I feel safe." he moves his hands all the way around your hips and you shiver with the fog surrounding the two of you. "Cold?" he whispers, his breath warm against your ear.
"A little..." your voice trails off and Draco lifts you off your feet "Draco no! Put me dowwwn!" you squirm and he laughs as he loses his balance, and falls back on some pine needles with you in his lap. You laugh and Draco pulls you closer, tilting your head you rest it against his shoulder.
"Well... That didn't go exactly as planned."
"I don't mind." Draco looks down and meets your eyes before touching his lips to yours again, you shiver but kiss him back. His lips leave yours but graze your jawbone and make their way up your ear and down your neck. You moan and his breathing picks up as you run your fingers through his hair. He pulls his lips away leaving you breathless.
"I'm sorry..." he apologizes, taking you aback.
"What? Why?"
"I'm not using you, I promise. I just really like you and you're just so cute and adorable I can't... I can't control myself. I'm sorry, Arabella --" you cut him off and press a finger to his lips.
"Draco Malfoy, stop apologizing for being sweet."
"But... I'm sorry."
"I swear, apologize one more time and I'll get up and leave."
"I'm sorry you're mad at me."
"That's it." you stand up, wipe the pine needles off your skirt and walk away from where the two of you were laying.
"Arabella!" you keep walking, ignoring his yelling for you. You walk behind a fairly big tree and wait for him to walk your way. "Where are you?" he walks by the trunk of the tree and you jump out on top of him, causing him to fall back on top of the pine needles, landing on his stomach with you on his back.
"Ummm ouch! What was that for?"
"For apologizing. You don't need to. I like it when you kiss me, Draco."
"... Why?"
"Because maybe I like you, you nitwit."
"Hmm, interesting. I'll have to test that... Arabella, will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yessss" you run your hand through his hair again and he laughs.
"Can I get up now?"
"Nope." you straddle his back and hold his arms against the ground.
"Come on..."
"Nope." and suddenly you're flipped around, pinned by your wrists on your back with Draco straddling your hips. "Draco, that wasn't very nice, it's cold down here."
"I'm not very nice. And I can keep you warm, if you'd like."
"Try me." Draco doesn't hesitate in lowering his head against your neck and letting his lips caress and move against your sensitive skin in all the right ways. His chest rests against yours and you try everything you can to get closer to him as his lips tug on your ear and jawbone. Finally giving in he lets his lips fall against yours passionately and you return the gesture, your hips moving with the same rhythm as his kiss. You moan his name and he smiles against your lips, biting your bottom lip lightly. He lets go of your wrists and you wrap them around his torso, pulling his warm body closer to yours. Draco moves his lips to your ear again and whispers.
"You like that?"
"Yes" you whisper back as you wrap your hand around his head, bringing his lips back to meet yours.
"You're sure you want this?" he whispers between kisses.
"Yes" you struggle to say as every touch of his lips against your skin takes your breath away. Draco pulls away and meets your eyes.
"I told you I'm no good." you reach your hand up against his cheek and he grabs it and holds it above your head.
"I told you I'll prove you wrong." you sit up and push Draco off of you but keep your hands against his shoulders. "I trust you." he stands up and pulls you with him. The fog is beginning to clear up and you guess it's around 8 AM, he grabs your hand and the two of you walk back to the castle.
"What do you want to do now?"
"Anything but potions..."
"I can work with that!" Draco walks a bit faster and you struggle to keep up. Not noticing a fairly large rock in the long grass you stumble and before you know it Draco is rolling down the hill with you close behind. You land with a thud straddled over his chest. "Oowwwwch" Draco moans jokingly and you smile before kissing him softly.
"Don't pretend you don't like it..." you smile and put your hands on his shoulders.
"A good girl like you has no place on top of a guy like me" you rock your hips back and forth a few times and Draco mumbles something that sounds like "unff"
"Oh I'm a good girl, I swear."
"Most definitely. Just a cute little schoolgirl, nothin' to be scared of..."
"Yeah..." you rock your hips again and Draco reaches his hands up to your sides. You smack his hand down and get up off his hips, straightening your skirt but pulling it up a little in the process.
"Don't go!" Draco sits up but before he can get to you, you're back in your dorm with a wave of your wand. You turn around and jump when a pair of freezing cold hands land on your hips.
"Draco?! What?"
"I win."
"You're bad."
"I know, but so are you." his lips find your neck and you're sure you'll have a hickey or two in class later with how hard he's sucking. Your body goes limp with the feeling and he presses you against the wall, his lips slowly moving farther down your neck. You reach your arm up around his shoulders and wrap one leg around his hips and he moans against your skin. His hips press you harder against the wall and you sigh his name.
"I... I'm a good girl..." you stutter out as he lifts his head so his forehead presses against yours.
"And I'm a bad guy." he cups your face in his hand and you blush. "You're... You're sure you want this?" you stand on your tip toes and press your lips against his softly. He hesitates at first but responds with a rougher passion right as you pull away.
"Ask me one more time and you won't like the answer anymore"
"But --"
"Trust me. I know you aren't as bad as you say."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah..." Draco's arm is around your waist again, pulling your other leg up around his hips. He smiles dangerously and you moan his name softly, pressing his body even harder against yours, leaving no space between your body and the wall behind it. He lowers his head so his lips rest against your ear, his breath warm and soft as he whispers.
"Nothing you aren't comfortable with."
Stay tuned for chapter 2 :)


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