Emo Ghost

Emo Ghost

Jenna White is a sixteen year old girl who begins to talk to the dead, yet the one that she talks to is her best friend Ashton, who died in a accident. Though she doesn't know until he breaks it off to her and tells her the truth about how he feels about her and what kind of accident happened to him. Jenna then becomes shocked in the fact that shes actually been talking to her best friend Ashton that she was in love with too.

Chapter 1

The memory

Living in Utah can get boring. VERY boring. Don't get me wrong, the people are nice here, to me of course. Almost too nice for their own good. I live in a small county outside of Marys vale named Davis, where all of the rich snobs live. Music is a huge HUGE part of my life. I listen to it everywhere. I even used to listen to it when I went to church. I don't go anymore. I have very few friends, and my dad passed away from a car crash. My best friend that I was secretly in love with was named Ashton, he died of an accident. I'm forever scarred. Forever. So now, I isolate myself. Not a wise idea. Especially when you're moving throughout High school. Everyone always judges and puts pressure on you. There's no way of escaping it.

Making my way home from the last day of school before summer vacation, while crossing the street, a car comes swerving at me. I put my hands up, ready to die, or get seriously injured. I wait. Nothing. I hear nothing. I open my eyes. Nothing's moving. It's silent. You could hear a pin drop that day. In shock, I run away down the sidewalk, crying. Tripping on a crack in the sidewalk, falling to the ground, I see a transparent boy walking towards me, laughing playfully, not evilly. I stay on the ground, feeling myself tense up, expecting to feel pain. But I didn't feel anything. I look up at the boy, who was standing in front of me, holding out his hand. I grab it, and he pulls me to my feet, and disappears. Everything's back to normal. Cars are moving, people are walking, I can hear the noises of everyday towns. I ran the rest of the way home that day, petrified of what had just happened. I spent weeks wondering what happened to me, and why I didn't die that day from that swerving car. And who was that boy? Why was he transparent, like a ghost?
I never knew why, and just went on, living my life, until it happened again, a few months later, after my 16th birthday. I didn't get any presents, well, except homemade birthday cards from my few friends. My birthday was just another day, another day closer to dying. What did it matter? Walking home from a small party my friends threw me at one of their houses, everything suddenly stopped again, like that other day. Again I saw the boy, walking towards me, hand reached out in front of him. I examine him closely. He has icy blue eyes, shaggy black hair, and pale skin, but not too pale. He wore a Plain black t-shirt and ripped jeans, and black and hot pink checkered slip on vans. He was around 6'2", and skinny. I looked him over several more times quickly before he reached me. He just stood there, eyes digging deep into mine, like he was looking for something. I step backwards a couple steps, and part my lips. I didn't know what was going on at all. I was very confused then. He half smiled and walked over and hugged me, tightly. I pushed him away, yelling "Who are you and what do you want!" He backed away, frowning. Then he answered, "You're Jenna, right?" I nod and raise an eyebrow. "I'm Ashton. I've been looking for you." I was trying to put everything together as my eyes widen when he leaned in a kissed me on the cheek. I opened my mouth more to say something, when he disappeared into thin air, once again. "Why the hell is this happening!" I asked myself, putting a hand on my cheek. Where he had kissed me it felt cold and a tingling sensation spread through my body. I went home happy that night, from that tiny little peck on the cheek.

The following day, it happened again. It started happening more frequently, but I didn't mind. He walked me home from the mall, his arm around me. I didn't know who this boy was, other than that his name was Ashton.Though he did seem familiar. Still, I didn't know how old he was, where he lived, or where he went to school. All I knew was that I felt at home and safe in his arms. I felt like my life had a new fresher start, and everything was better again. But there's always that feeling deep inside of you that reminds you that things are not, and that it will just end up the same way every time. I didn't know whether to ignore this feeling or not, and what to do about it. I just went with it day by day. An aching feeling arose in my stomach, deep inside after a while. Like something horrible were to happen soon. What would happen? I didn't know. But I was about to find out.

About a week later, the boy appeared again. "I have to tell you something Jenna" he said to me, tears in his eyes. I was confused. "What's wrong? What is it?" I asked, putting a hand on his cheek. He put his head on my shoulder, and whispered into my ear, "I can't see you anymore Jenna. I never told you. I don't want to tell you. But I have to. I'm not alive, and you shouldn't be, either. But I couldn't let you die that day. I had to save you." Then he disappeared, leaving me in shock, dismay, heartbreak, fear, everything you could possibly imagine. I sit on my bed, tears rolling down my face. I didn't feel like I was crying. I didn't make a noise. Tears just kept streaming down my cheeks, wetting my ripped jeans. I look in the mirror, seeing tiny black streams running down my face. "I should have gotten waterproof," I said to myself, staring at my own reflection. I Looked horrible. I've never seen myself like this before. It looked like I hadn't slept in months. I lay in my bed for hours, thinking about Ashton. That's all I could think about. I couldn't help it. I couldn't get him out of my mind. Seeing him appear on the edge of my bed, his hands over his face, was the happiest moment I have ever witnessed. I jumped up and hugged him tightly from behind. He took his hands away from his face and looked shocked to see me. "How did I get here?" he asks, kissing my forehead. "I don't know, but I'm glad you're here," I reply, a smile spreading across my face, tears still streaming. For the first time, Ashton grabbed my shoulders and pressed his lips lightly against mine, and leaned his forehead against mine. He had black eyeliner on, and I wondered why. That's sort of weird lol... Err anyway. I kissed him back, and hug him tightly. I couldn't know for sure, but I thought I heard him mutter "I love you" as he sat down on my computer chair. I smiled and hugged my pillow. "Erm.. So.. you're dead?" I asked, parting my lips slightly. He nods his head and quietly says "yeah." "How did you die? If you don't mind me asking," I said, looking at the floor. "A accident.." He said, choking up. Tears were starting to form in his icy blue eyes. I try desperately to say something comforting, but how do you comfort someone about being dead? I couldn't do it. "I love you" just blurted out of my mouth. I covered my mouth with my hand and looked away. "Did I just really say that?" I asked myself quietly. All I felt was a hand on the back of my shoulder, and as I turned around, a passionate kiss on the lips. I smiled and pulled away, looking back down again. He sat next to me, putting his head on mine. "You know you're the first girl I ever met who made me feel this way" he said. I could feel the warmth on his face. He was embarrassed about saying something like that to me. I smiled and laughed a little. "I really thought I'd never meet anyone else like my last best friend." I began, taking a breath. "He was the one, I could've sworn it. It had to be my best friend Ashton. Everything was the same about him as the Ashton I knew back then. But to think about it this Ashton could've died of an type of accident and that he could be just a dream. A memory. That was the only thing that made me think twice. Otherwise, he was just perfect in my eyes. "When I met you, after you saved me from that car. After Ashton died, I never thought I'd fall in love ever again. I was wrong." I smiled slightly and sighed. "I should probably go," he said, standing up. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. "No," I said, massaging his tongue with mine. He put his arms around me and did the same. This seemed like the perfect night. Ever! Yet I was wrong. He began to kiss my neck, and then disappeared. I pulled the covers over my head and fell asleep. I didn't know why he had gone, but I would find out.

The next day, while I was asleep still in the morning, Ashton came. He sat on my computer chair and stared at me for hours. My mom came into my room, to wake me up. She was shocked and baffled to see Ashton sitting on my chair. He opened his mouth surprised and disappeared. My mom tapped me on the head and I sprung up from bed. "What?!" I yelled, surprised to see her in my room. "W-Wh-Who was that sitting there?" She said studdering, pointing at my computer chair. "That's..-Um. I don't know mom. There's no one there," I said, stopping myself from telling her who he was. "There was a boy sitting in your chair there watching you!" She said, widening her eyes a little. I faked a surprised expression and shrugged. "I don't know mom, he's not there now." "He disappeared! Like a ghost!" She said, leaving my room, shutting the door. Probably hella confused about what happened. Ashton came back again. "Er.. sorry your mom caught me," he said, blushing. He half smiled. Laughing, I said "it's okay, just don't do it again. You nearly scared her to death." I went into the bathroom and put on tight jeans and a black tank top on after taking a short cold shower. After putting on my makeup, I decided to ask Ashton about last night. "How come you left so.. Soon last night?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He laughed. "I thought I'd leave you wanting more," he said, grinning. I laughed. "Oh, okay," I said, sarcastically.
Ashton then turned away from me and looked down on the floor. "What's wrong?" I asked. "oh.. nothing.." He said with a sigh. I then went over to him and hugged him to comfort him. He hugged me back yet pushed me away. Thoughts were then rushing through my head on why he was doing this.
What's wrong with him? He was just fine a few minutes ago. Did I do something wrong?.. I dunno. I really wonder what's going on. Hm.. gr!..

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