Secret Life of the Basilisk

Yeah so since I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore I've kind of been obsessed

Chapter 1

The New Cycle

I slipped away from the feast. With one last glance at the people who wouldn't even remember the seven years we'd spent "growing up" together I sped up the staircases. I somehow managed to get to where I needed to (a rare occurrence), but I could feel my skin starting to separate from the muscle, and as I hissed my entrance into the Chamber of Secrets and felt my latest cycle end.
This cycle had been particularly cruel. I knew the next would be so much better, or else I might claim the life of one of my classmates. I could hear their hearts beating, the blood flowin through their bodies. I envied them, as I pictured them all eating the feast, with the Slytherin colors flying high. I recalled my sorting in past cycles. You'd think being Slytherin's monster they'd put me in Slytherin almost automatically but I hadn't been in green in two cycles. I'd been placed everywhere but Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw was only because I'm smart. You would be too if you'd been through the curriculum over a hundred times. But I'm cursed, I swore to remain here and do the bidding of my master. I am Slytherin's Monster, the Basilisk.
A shudder ran through my body as my spine elongated and my arms and legs disappeared. The process of changing forms usually takes about ten minutes and is not pleasant. When I'm done I can shoot lasers from my eyes (basically), kill with my venom, and can scare every spider out of the castle. I almost never turn to serpent, except when I'm forced to hide in the Chamber of Secrets all summer but even then I stay well hidden and under no circumstances come out.
So far I have yet to meet an heir of Slytherin who recognized me for what I was so I've pretty much just been waiting through the years. I meet the kids of the kids of the kids of my friends. I wish I could erase some of my memories so I don't slip up and say how one person looks like their parent or whatever. The only thing that keeps me going is my prize. When my work as Slytherin's pawn is complete, I will be able to leave Hogwarts and grow up. Unfortunately, I don't think the heir of Slytherin will ever let me go. They'll think of something for me to do. Thats a Slytherin for you.
So here I was, now as a serpent, ready to shed my skin. I felt my smooth scales shake away seven years worth of dead flesh. I wondered what I would look like in my new cycle. I wanted to be a redhead (I hadn't been one yet) but not like a vibrant redhead, a like lighter but still reddish color. My eyes could still stun in human form so I was thankful for the invention of contact lenses. In past lives I had caused many an accident when I caught someone's eye. I remembered one of the few boys who'd ever shown interest in me. Ignotus Peverell was charming and handsome and that particular cycle I had been attractive, enough to gain his notice.
He began to court me in our fifth year. It was proper at the time. I loved him. This was in one of my first cycles so I wasn't used to the whole concept of changing when my seven years were up. I was with him when I shifted. I felt his heartbeat ringing in my ears, which I mistook for excitement. I knew he was going to ask me to marry him. He was paralyzed by my eyes and couldn't speak, so by the time I realized that I was slowly killing him with my eyes I fled. I thought he thought I didn't love him, wouldn't marry him. I tried to find him in my next cycle but he had no recollection of me. I put two and two together and discovered thats the way things worked with this. Stupid Salazar Slytherin.
So here I was, molting my skin, wondering about a man who'd died so long ago that not even I remember fully what he looked like. I wondered if I dare'd to seek his grave. Maybe if Slytherin's Heir would free me. But that would require me actually finding an heir to my master. I hadn't met one in decades, and especially not one that knew of me or my secret (chamber, that is- pun intended). Maybe if I was beautiful in my next cycle I'd make progress. I could at least feed on a poor soul who'd "wondered" into a dangerous part of the castle and "mysteriously disappeared". But that hadn't happened in centuries. I'd almos forgotten the rusty, delicious taste of human. I'd taken a few centaurs over the years, but herbivores just aren't the same. The forest isn't exactly safe, deadly serpent or not.
I scoured around, looking for signs of life I could devour. Oh how the hunger gnawed at me. I could perhaps travel through the pipes to the Black Lake. I knew where the Slytherin portholes were so therefore how to avoid them. I was barely on the surface a second before I had enough oxygen to last a dive. I glided happily through the water, spotting a few hinkypunks and murdering them all in a single look. My jaws closed around them with nothing less than pure glee. I hadn't hunted in nearly seven years, so the popluation of the creatures had gone up severly. My ginning fangs loosed my venom in the water as I thought about keeping those number in check.
I was sure to be back in the castle by the time the rooster crowed. To remind you, a rooster's call is as deadly to a basilisk as our eyes to anything. Luckily it only nearly kills me in human form. That was not a great cycle. But anyway, I was set for the whole summer. I physically can't change until the last week of August. Then my new cycle is revealed and I buy my books, if they haven't changed in the past seven years. Most of my books look they were just made yesterday from a lack of use. You tend to not even need it when you've already aced the O.W.L.'s. I've never gotten less than perfect on the OWLs. I keep telling myself one of these cycles I'm just going to blow it off I guess it goes to show how much nerve I've got.
I also try to think of clever names for myself. I had a feeling I'd be a Slytherin this year so I tried to come up with something pure-blood sounding. Maybe I'd steal the name of the only man I'd ever loved, Peverell. Or maybe say I'm some distant relative of the Black's, Lestrange's, Potter's, something like that. By the third week in August I'd decided on Lindsey Black. It seemed fitting. One week later and I'd changed. Of course the first thing I did was look at myself, memorize my own features. Red hair, just as I hoped, and my stunning yellow eyes. I had a strong jaw with pouting lips. I was beautiful, also as I had hoped. I deserved to have a good cycle. I hadn't been this good-looking in more than 12 cycles. It all seems tedious I suppose but its different when you're outside time.
The trip to Diagon Alley was a pleasure, as always, seeing how it has changed over the centuries. A particular pair of green eyes challenged me from within Eyelops so of course I took home Sparkle, a skittish little black cat. I'm not superstitious but it was surprisingly refreshing. Her eyes were almost as captivating as my own. I stroked her softly as she squirmed in my hands. I bought her a collar (which she managed to claw off in a record breaking time) and a toy so I could teach her to hunt. I especially enjoy the company of snakes but that would be too obvious if I lost control again.
I stayed the night in the Leaky Couldron but before I went up I saw Professor Dumbledor, one of the teachers at Hogwarts, leading a boy about my age with smooth, dark hair and bright blue eyes. I didn't look too long before heading up the stairs. But I couldn't ignore the tugging in my gut. Slytherin's heir had returned and my curse was like a magnet, pulling me to him. I knew better though. He needed to find me first. Then I became his, or he freed me.

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