Life or Death (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh are in more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Life-or-death situations lurk around every corner, and it's impossible to tell who will come out alive, and who will come out on top. They are living in a world where losing one fight could mean losing everything.

Chapter 1

Alive Once Again

Claire's POV

I took a deep breath in. I started to sit up, but I was too weak. Shiloh was crying and hugging me; apparently something tragic had happened. I groaned. "What..." I couldn't say much more than that.
Shiloh's face suddenly lit up with joy. "CLAIRE, YOU'RE ALIVE!" She squealed, and she began hugging me to no end.
"Not for long, if you keep hugging her like that!" I heard someone say. I looked. It was Dam.
"Help me.." I couldn't finish my sentence. Someone lifted me up off of the ground.
"I would let her get some sleep first, Kevin," I heard Juliet say. "She's probably lost a lot of blood."
We moved forward, but I couldn't see where. Shiloh stood next to me, and she kept saying things I couldn't comprehend from my fatigue. I fell asleep.
I woke up, and I could see trees above me. I tried to sit up again, but I was still too weak. Kevin saw me and walked over. He was crying. "You're alive, Claire... You're alive..."
"What hap..." I still couldn't finish a sentence.
"I found you upstairs, and you were dying... And when I brought you downstairs, you were dead..."
"But then... how..."
Kevin shrugged. "We aren't sure. You just woke up when Shiloh hugged you."
I don't know how I came to think of it, but a memory was brought forth from the back of my mind: "You can only be killed at the same time. No matter how life-threatening the wounds are, as long as one of you is living and breathing, you cannot die."
My mother's words to me in the tape that I had watched, oh, so long ago it seemed, went through my head. I had never found that particular part to mean anything, when here, all along, it had saved my life.
"Kevin... I... Know what..." He held a finger to my lips.
"Shh," he said gently, "You'll need the energy to produce more blood. Then you can tell us all about it."
I nodded, and Kevin simply hugged me. I fell asleep again, with his arm around my shoulders.

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