Life or Death (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh are in more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Life-or-death situations lurk around every corner, and it's impossible to tell who will come out alive, and who will come out on top. They are living in a world where losing one fight could mean losing everything.

Chapter 2


Claire's POV

"Come on, Claire, I can't carry you around forever," Kevin said. I tried once again to stand up, and I succeeded for the most part, but I couldn't stay standing without support for long. Shiloh quickly got underneath my arm.
"Don't worry, Claire, in a few more days, you'll be back to your normal self again," she said.
We walked on. They had been slowly trying to get me back to normal health over the past few days, but I knew that I would never be exactly the same. I would always have a bit less endurance, I knew that for certain.
At least I could finish a sentence now. I had been able to explain my theory as to why I was still alive, but everyone laughed at it, except for Jarrett. I suppose they had all been expecting something a little less... cheesy? But I knew it was true. And I was certain Shiloh knew it was, too, somewhere deep inside.
I walked a few feet by myself, but didn't make it much farther. Shiloh helped me back up, and said that maybe we shouldn't run today. I agreed, and we continued walking.

Kevin's POV

I looked at Claire, so pale and frail. It seemed impossible that she was still alive. Maybe she wasn't. Maybe it was all a dream, and I would wake up and she would still be dead. Or maybe it was her ghost.
None of these answers satisfied me. How was she alive? Maybe her explanation was right. I shook my head. No way. She had just been ranting from fatigue. That couldn't be true. I looked at Shiloh and Claire. It was now even easier to tell the difference between the two. One was strong, and healthy-looking, and the other could visibly be seen as weak and in poor physical condition.
And yet, Claire carried a strength all her own. She might not have ever been able to do tremendous feats of strength or endurance, but she was still... different. There was a spark in her, something in her that made her always keep trying, one that wouldn't let her back down. Of course, she didn't show it the way Shiloh did; no, Claire didn't burst right out and point out what was wrong with the world, she just sat back and planned how to fix it. She may not have been a warrior in figure, but she was definitely a warrior in mind.
And I could see that that was the reason I loved her.

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