Life or Death (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh are in more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Life-or-death situations lurk around every corner, and it's impossible to tell who will come out alive, and who will come out on top. They are living in a world where losing one fight could mean losing everything.

Chapter 3


Shiloh's POV

I threw a stealthy look around the small meadow. Claire was curled up against Kevin, and both were deep asleep. So were all of the others, except for Damar. I gave him a nod, and he took my hand. I tugged him into the bushes, and pushed him against a tree, before pressing myself against him. I kissed his neck.
"Before they wake up," I whispered. I was perfectly aware of how much my sister would disapprove.
He stiffened. "Shi-"
I kissed him again softly. "You're next question is going to be why, and whether I'm sure I want this," I said softly. "All I have to tell you is that I do, because death is around the corner, and I want you. Yes or no?"
He stroke my face, and then his hands slid down. I grinned as he pulled me to the ground, and pinned me there, covering my face with kisses. Time became meaningless as he leaned over me, and I clutched him. It became a dance as I teasingly rolled away, and he grabbed me again, eagerly this time. The moonlight shone on my back, and he pulled me down once more.

Kale's POV

I rubbed my eyes, and blinked. I was aware it was still night, but thanks to my power, I had no troubling with my sight.
And it told me a shocking thing. Shiloh and Dam were gone. I sharpened my ears, and when I heard a rustle and a soft gasp in the bushes, I closed my eyes. So that's what they were doing.
I balled my fists angrily, and huffed as I turned around. Sleep would fetch me soon enough, I hoped.

Damar's POV

I took Shiloh back to the camp as the sun began to rise, and she curled up against me. I gazed around, and met Kale's gaze. I felt blood rise to my face, but he waited patiently until a snore left Shiloh's lips.
I got up, and he approached me. "I don't think this is a good time to take advantage of her," Kale said quietly.
Anger boiled my blood. "She wanted this," I muttered angrily. He first glowered, but then smirked, and shot an image at me.

Shiloh's eyes were burning with determination. She pulled me down towards her, and her lips touched mine with a fierce determination. She slung her arms around my neck, and my hands travelled down her body. There was something willing about her as she opened her mouth, and pressed herself against me-

"Enough," I hissed, stumbling back. I was perfectly aware this was a memory, not a figment of his imagination.
"Dam?" a soft voice whispered. I cursed, and turned around to find Shiloh.
I started back at the difference in her face, which I hadn't noticed before. Her hair was wild, and her eyes gleamed brightly. There was something trembling underneath her skin, a certain fire, which demanded admiration.
I took her hand, and her eyes flitted to Kale. Understanding dawned in her eyes, and she flushed. "K-"
"Nevermind," Kale sneered. "I got it. I was just the guy that you needed, and used. You don't care at all, do you?"
My Shiloh's eyes teared up, and I glowered at Kale. We both knew how sensetive the poor girl was.
"I do care, but I don't love you," she sniffed. I slung my arm around her, and hatred filled Kale's eyes.
"Everything that I've done for you," he said in a low, surpressed voice. "Everything- I saved your life, I gave you all the attention you needed, I gave you my love, I chose you above my parents- and you just use me?"
She wiped at her eyes, and turned away. Kale's face crumped as he realized he ruined it, and just a tiny bit of sympathy shot through me. I knew how loveable my Shiloh was, and I knew Kale had truly taken a big liking to her. Whether he actually did love her, I couldn't tell.
"Wait," Kale choked out, in much the same tone he'd used with Kenna when he'd said the word "please".
Shiloh didn't turn around, and he closed his eyes. I stood amazed. The mighty Kale: the proud man, the arrogant person, the Casanova: reduced to this by my girlfriend. And here I thought Shiloh only had that power on me.
I shivered as I imagined myself in Kale's place.
Rejection would've killed me on the spot.

Kale's POV

My head burst. She'd made her pick long ago, and it was finally reaching my brain, taunting me maliciously that I'd been too stupid to see it.
Shiloh hesitated, and turned back. I reached for her face, and she allowed me to touch it. It burned with warmth, and my heart actually broke. She looked sadly at me, and I knew she understood. She gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. "You'll be happy again," she stated.
I gave her a bitter look. The one girl I'd decided to love. How ironic. She's rejected me.
Murderous anger filled me, and I grabbed her by the throat. Her eyes widened in panic, but before Damar could even make a move, I released her.
"Thank you," I said curtly, turning around, and sitting down. I sighed.

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