Life or Death (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh are in more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Life-or-death situations lurk around every corner, and it's impossible to tell who will come out alive, and who will come out on top. They are living in a world where losing one fight could mean losing everything.

Chapter 60

Scream Of Pain

Kale's POV

I heard a loud noise, and I shot up. Annie was shaking me. "They're all gone," she said, panicked.
"What do you mean?"
"Shiloh and Claire, they went, and Dam and Kevin went after them!"
I groaned, and shot into my clothes. Damn you, Shiloh. Damn you, damn you, damn you.
"Stay here with the girl," I warned her, storming away.

Damar's POV

No one answered me, and their minds were eerily quiet, empty, almost. I panicked, and rambled in every cupboard. "Someone help me," I begged, aware that Shiloh was slipping away from me.
Kevin didn't respond, and picked up Claire, holding her tightly to his chest. "I think she's gone," he said, his voice breaking.
My heart stopped. If Claire was gone, so was Shiloh. My eyes were reluctant to meet what could be her corpse, but I couldn't stop them at the same time.
They met her unmoving body. I took a deep breath, and turned back to the cupboards.
She isn't dead, she isn't dead, she isn't dead.
I couldn't find anything that even resembled an antidote. I screamed in frustration, and grabbed Dave by his shirt. "TELL ME!" I yelled at him, desperation running through me, "TELL ME!"
He couldn't stop his thoughts this time, and I raced to the other side of the room, unscrewed the lid of a tiny box and found the liquid that'd save my wife.
I grabbed a syringe, and my hands shook as I unscrewed the top, and filled it with the liquid. I screwed it back on, gave it a tiny squeeze and then turned to Claire. If one survived, so did the other, and Claire was closest.
I grabbed her arm, and injected it on the inside of her elbow. Kevin was crying by now. "Dam, it's-"
"It's not too late, dammit!" I snapped at him, not paying attention to Dave, who was edging away from the room. The guards just stared at us.
I injected the fluid into Shiloh next, my lips moving in a constant prayer for her survival.
She was pregnant, she couldn't just die.
We'd been through everything together, she couldn't die.
She was my wife, she couldn't die.
She'd survived everything. She couldn't die.
She was Shiloh. She just couldn't die.

Kale's POV

I pulled up to the building, anger rushing in my veins. I spotted Damar's truck.
Always trying to save Shiloh without me, claiming all the action. Idiot.
I slammed the door shut, and that's when I noticed the small figures inside. The children were alive.
I sighed in relief, and rushed up to them. Happiness flooded over their faces as I opened the door, and hugged each on of them. "Listen, I'll be right back, okay? I just got to help both of your daddies talk to someone," I told them.
They nodded, and I closed the door again, sneaking inside.
It was chaos. Unconcious guards were everywhere, and it looked mainly like Kevin's handywork. Strange.
I heard shouting, and followed the sound. If Annie knew I was looking up danger...Well, she'd murder me and feed me to Rio.
I spotted Dave, edging towards me. I sprinted towards him before he could escape, and grabbed him by the neck. "You little-"
A scream of pain interrupted me.

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