Life or Death (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh are in more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Life-or-death situations lurk around every corner, and it's impossible to tell who will come out alive, and who will come out on top. They are living in a world where losing one fight could mean losing everything.

Chapter 61

Judgement for Others

Kevin's POV

I held Claire in my arms, and sucked in my breath. "Live," I whispered. "Claire, come on, live right now or I will murder you!"
Dam was likewise holding Shiloh. I gulped, and glanced up at Dam when they didn't wake up. He was practically shaking Shiloh by now.
"WAKE UP!" he screamed at her. He broke down crying. Claire's chest started moving slowly up and down. My eyes widened. After a few more seconds, her eyes snapped open and she let out a scream.

Claire's POV

I screamed loudly as I felt something like my arm burning. I sat up and rubbed where it hurt. Right in the middle of my elbow. I looked around. Kevin was sitting there as if he had just witnessed a miracle. For all I knew, he had.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing, you guys just escaped certain death, again," I heard someone say from the doorway. It was Kale. I smiled. Even in a post-near-death situation, he couldn't help his sarcasm.
Suddenly, fear took over me. "Where's Dave?" I asked.
Kale frowned. "Right here," he said, and he pulled Dave beside him. For the first time I could remember, Dave looked... scared. I immediately thought of everything he had done, and I knew something must be done about it.
"Dave," I said, hoping to sound a bit intimidating, "we all know what you deserve for all that you've ever done."
"Please, Claire, have a bit of mercy," Dave nearly begged.
"I was planning on it. Of course-"
"Thank you, Claire-"
"I'm not finished. There may be others who would like a say in this," I said, looking around the room. I turned to them. "All in favor of Dave's death?" I said. Four hands shot in the air.
"Oppose?" Shiloh said, eyeing me. My hand went half-up.
"Just because I don't exactly enjoy disintegrating people," I clarified. "But I suppose, majority rules." I turned back to Dave. His face was pale. I glared hard at him, then instead, I closed my eyes, and I smiled. If I was going to do this, I might as well get it all at one shot.
When I opened my eyes next, I knew I hadn't fainted. I looked around, and I realized just how sunny it was outside. Because that's where we now were.
The Other's building was completely gone, and so were all of the Others that had occupied it. There were a few of the Akar and Lore who hadn't escaped, but none of them had disintegrated, I was certain. I looked out towards Dam's truck, delighted to see the kids all sitting in it. I was beginning to walk away, but Kevin simply picked my up and carried me there. I kissed him.
I smiled. Our story was finally drawing to a close.

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