The True Story of Lemonade Mouth

The True Story of Lemonade Mouth

I never thought that one day could change my life. I also didn't think anything of it at the time. It started out as a normal day, but then everything changed in Detention.
My name is Alyssa White and this is the true story of
Lemonade Mouth.

Chapter 1

Turn Up The Music

A/N: The picture at the start of this chapter is Alyssa! Enjoy!

Me and my sister Olivia, walked to school together this morning, just like every other day. Or so I thought. Boy was I wrong. Olivia isn't just my sister. She's my twin sister, but we look nothing alike. She has long, blonde hair, brown eyes and she's extremely shy. Me on the other hand, I have short-ish, Red hair with green eyes and I'm the complete opposite of shy. I'm the school's 'Problem Child' and I make sure that my opinion is heard. I'm also the school prankster and proud. My pranks are legendary, but I'm getting sidetracked, back to the story. Anyway, we walked to school like normal, went our seperate ways and headed to homeroom. There was a new girl in my class today. I thought it would be alright to go and say hi. Best thing I ever did. Not that I knew it at the time. I walked over and sat in the seat next to her. "Hi" I said with a warm smile. She looked over with her own smile. "Hi" She replied. "You must be new here right?" I asked and she nodded. I held out my hand to her. "Alyssa White." I introduced myself. She took my hand and shook it. "Stella Umada." She told me. I nodded once with a smile. "Welcome." I told her. I leaned back in my chair and put my feet up on my desk. I was wearing my favorite shoes. My army boots. Stella looked at my feet with a smile and I returned it. "Nice boots." She said and then coppied my move. I looked to see that she was wearing the same boots. I laughed and she joined in. "Thanks. You too." I replied with a hint of sarcasm. We both laughed again and got to talking. "So, what's your role here?" Stella asked me. I smiled deviously at her. "I am the school's long time 'Problem Child'" I put air quotes around the last part. "And the Suprime Prankster." I told her and she mirrored my smirk. "I think I'm gonna like you." She told me. "Same here." The teacher then came in and told us to put our feet down. We did so and the teacher started the lesson. Later we were told to go to the new gym for an assembly. Principal Brennigan started rambling about Turbo Blast, the school's new sponser and then started saying he wanted an empowered student for something. I wasn't really listening. Then I spotted Stella standing up. She pulled off her jacket to reveal a shirt that said 'Question Authority' and I smirked because I knew what she was thinking. "My shirt, my decision! Okay? Don't let your school take away your rights" She shouted and people started murmering in agreement I decided to help her. So, I stood up too. "Be Heard, Use your voice!" I shouted and Stella looked at me with a smile. I also saw Olivia covering her laugh, along with some ginger kid. People started clapping and cheering us while Brennigan looked about ready to burst. "C'mon!" I shouted to egg them on. It worked. "He can't tell you what to wear!" Shouted Stella. The people got louder. "Or who to be!" I joined her. "We can wear what we want!" She threw her jacket on the ground. "We can wear what ever we want!" We shouted together for emphasis. "I can wear my own t-shirt!" Stella continued. "Wear whatever kind of shirt you want! Today, tomorrow!" I took over. Then we were taken to Brennigans office. We got given detention. We came out of the office and headed straight for the elevator that would take us to the basement for detention. "You go on ahead. I gotta do something first." I told Stella and she gave me a weird look. "You sure?" She asked and I nodded. She shrugged and pressed the down button while I walked outside.

I walked down the hallway to detention and got a 'Mel's Lemonade' from the machine outside the door. I walked in to see five other people in there. One was Stella, Obviously. One was the ginger kid I saw laughing in the assembly. Another one was a really popular girl that I tend to avoid and the fourth was some kid I didn't know. I was surprised to see my sister here. I walked over to her and leaned on her desk. "Hey, sis." I said and she looked up. "Hi." She replied. "Get caught reading in the janitor's closet?" I asked and she nodded with pink cheeks. "Nice performance in assembly this morning." She said with a smile. "Why, Thank you." I said and gave a few bows in front of her. I heard someone laughing and looked to see Stella and the ginger kid laughing. "And my new partener in crime." I said, clapping Stella on the shoulder. This time Olivia laughed too. I sat behind Stella, next to the ginger kid. "Hey." I said as I glanced at him. "Hey." He replied. "Alyssa." I said, holding out my hand. He took it. "Wen." We shook hands and left it at that. Miss Resnick then walked in and started talking about rules and how she was going to make us clean instead of 'twiddling our thumbs'. Her words not mine. She then started rambling about Brennigan and sports. I pretty much zoned out. She then left saying she was going to give Brennigan a piece of her mind. Everyone else started cleaning, but me and the other guy, stayed in our seats. The cieling was dripping into a bucket and that was making a kind of beat. Then the guy next to me started tapping his fingers and it sounded quite cool with the dripping. He then started clicking his fingers to the rythem and Wen started throwing some keys around to make a tune. Then the popular girl started spraying some cleaning stuff and that added to it all. Stella started to notice it too and started clapping. Then the other girl realised and started spraying to the beat. Then the guy next to me got up and started playing with some drum sticks he got out of his pocket. Olivia noticed and just smiled. The girl over in the corner started playing a chello like a base. Wen started playing the xylophone and the other guy started playing on the drums. Wen started playing the piano and Stella picked up the guitar. I thought I may as well join in, so I started singing. "Na na na na na, na na" I got up and nudged Olivia, but she ignored me so, I started singing properly. "Take a look around, who'd've thought we'd all be here. So let's let's mess around, cos the future is unclear. We've got nothing better to do. We're just trying to get through." I went into the the middle then and started dancing with Stella. "Can you hear me?...can you hear me? Yeah. Let the music prove you, let the melody move you!" I grabbed Olivia to make her dance with me and sing with me. she protested at first but, she soon joined in. "Feel the beat and just let go, get the rythem in to your soul. Let the music take you, anywhere it wants to. When we're stuck and can't get free, no matter what we'll still be singing." Olivia tried to sneak off but, Stella threw a soft ball at her. she got up and wrote detention on the blackboard while I continued to sing. "Come on, come on turn up the music, it's all we got, we're gonna use it. Come on, Come on turn up the music, yeah." Then Olivia sang the next verse with me singing with her. "All we have is now. Let's make the most of this. Come on break it out. so, everyone can hear it." She put a feather bower around Mo's neck (popular girl) and a viking helmet on Charlie's head (other dude). "They don't have to understand, but we'll make them if we can." I put a cowboy hat on Wen's head while dancing with him by the piano and then put pink sunglasses on Stella. Then me and Olivia started dancing in the middle and singing together. "Do you hear me? Are you with me? Yeah! let the music prove you, let the melody move you. Feel the beat and just let go, get the rythem into your soul. Let the music take you, anywhere it wants to. When we're stuck and can't get free, no matter what we'll still be singing. Come on, come on turn up the music. It's all we've got we're gonna use it. Come on, cme on feel the beat and just let go, get the rythem into your soul." I got up on the piano that Wen was playing and started dancing on it. "Let the music take you, anywhere it wants to. Come on, come on, turn up the music." And we finished. We all started laughing and that's when we noticed Miss Resnick was back in the room. She was looking at us with wide eyes, mouth open and hands on her hips. We all started apologizing and Mo ran to her seat but, Miss Resnick was telling us to 'shh'. "Let me think. I need to think." She said. She then turned to me and Olivia. "You." She said, pointing back and forth between us. Olivia ran to her seat and I followed. So did Miss Resnick. She leaned on both of our desks and started looking between us. "Olivia, Alyssa..." I thought she was going to yell or something. I was wrong. "You both have such beautiful voices! Ahh" We both jumped back a bit while the others sat back in their seats. "Your band! It's a gift!" She continued, sounding excited. "We're not a band" Said Stella. "We don't even know each other." Finished Charlie. "You were meant to play together. It's, it's destiny." Pushed Miss Resnick. "Oh, come on. You don't just have a moment like that and ignore it. People they, they need to hear you. Shoot, that'll show Brennigan." She started laughing and then she got an idea. "That will show Brennigan." She repeated slowly. And then she squealed, making us all jump. "huh! Rising Star! Rising Star!" She said. Now she looked very excited. "Rising what?" Asked Stella. "Rising Star." I told her. "It's a talent compotition. Winner get's a record deal." said Mo. "and some serious air time." Finished Charlie. Me and Wen started singing the theme song at the same time. "Making tomorrow's stars today! Making we're making, we're making" and then it went into a musical thing. We both laughed. "Just think, everyone. You could show everyone around here that sports isn't the only thing that matters. So, what do you think? you in?" Miss Resnick said with a very wide smile. She stopped by Stella. "Pass." She said. Ha. "What?" Miss asked. "It's ridiculous." Said Stella. "Okay?" She moved to Mo. "I really can't. Between my AP Classes and violin lessons." She shook her head. She moved to Charlie. "Yeah, I've got....stuff." he said. What a lame excuse. "Stuff?" Miss repeated disapointedly. She moved to Olivia. "What about you Olivia?" She asked. My sister looked like she was going to barf. "I don't sing." Was her reply. What a stupid thing to say. "Uh, we just heard you sing." Miss Resnick says. "Well, yeah but, that wasn't real. Like on a stage, I can't" she finished. "Oh come on! Sure you can." She tried to convince my twin. "No, it wouldn't be pretty. Last time I sang on stage was my first grade resitle and five minutes into Baba black sheep I threw up down Mickie Nickles back." She said. I remember that. It was funny. Wen started laughing. At least I wasn't the only one. "I remember that. That was hilarious." He said. Stupid. "No, it was humiliating." said Olivia. Me and Miss Resnick gave Wen a warning look. "I'm sorry, I can't." said Olivia. Miss Resnick looked at me pleadingly. "I don't think so." I said with a small laugh. "Well, I guess that leaves me out then." Starts Wen. "Can't really enter a compotition with one man in a band. Unless your thinking of a solo career. Which I'd be happy to consider." He finished. I gave him a weird look and turned back to Miss Resnick. "Guys, Mudslide Crush are entering. We wouldn't have a shot." said Charlie. "He's right, they're amazing." Said Mo. "They're not that amazing." Said Charlie, looking a little hurt. "Well, if we don't stand a chance against these Mudslide guys then, why bother right?" Announced Stella. "Because, you said it yourself. You deserve to be heard." Said Miss Resnick. No one said anything. When we went back up to the main floor of the school, we all went our seperate ways, with awkward glances at each other. I went with Stella. "So, what were you doing before you came into detention?" She asked. I smiled Michevously. "You should find out in a few seconds." I answered, looking at my watch. She nodded and then there was a loud BANG. Me and Stella rushed to the window to find the other people from detention already there, along with other people. We looked outside to see that the fountain had blown up and there were bubbles everywhere. I smirked to mysef, but put on an innocent face when Olivia turned to me. She had a stern look and her arms were folded. "Alyssa?" She asked me accusingly. "Why do you always assume that it's me?" I asked and she gave me 'The Look'. I noticed the others from detention were watching us. "ALYSSA WHITE!" Came over the sound system. They all started laughing except Olivia who looked a little mad but, she also looked amused. "Nice." Said Stella, Patting me on the back. "Classic." Said Wen as he walked past with a smile. He waved so, I waved back. The others just walked away laughing and when I was done in Brennigans office (again) Me and Olivia walked home.

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