IMAWHAAAA??? :Ouran High School Host Club FanFic

So, Hai! My name Khiera! Me and my best friend have had as sudden obsession over Ouran High School Host Club. We are writing a FanFic on it together. This isn't it. I started my own, because it is Thanksgiving Break, and it was her turn to write :/.... but that was our deal ;P anyway! hope you enjoy this one!

<3 Khiera (aka: Hikaru's future GF xP)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1, Kamagi:

I took a step towards the massively huge doors. My hand lingering on the knocker. I knock...or just leave...a sudden burst of courage makes me swing the knocker towards me. And release it. Bang! Bang! Bang! I bring my hands together in front of my skirt, and take a step back. The door opens a crack, revealing a small woman in maid's attire.
"Hello. Welcome to the Hitachiin house." she says in Japanese. "How may I be of service to you?"
I bow low. "Hello miss." I say. "My name is Kamagi Mei. I was told I could get a job here."
She looks me over. "You look barely out of high school, dear."
"Excuse me, miss. But I am a college graduate." I lie, thinking Please don't figure it out I'm only in my first year. "I'm just small for my age."
The maid smiles. "In that case, Ms. Mei. Will you please come in? My name is Maria. I'll show you to Mr.Hitachiin's office."
I nod. "Thank you Maria." she leads me through endless hallways. Occasionally looking back at me, and smiling as she looks back to the floor in front of her. Finally, stopping at a oak wood door and gently tapping on the wood.
"Come in!" says a man's booming voice from inside the room.
Maria opens the door, and bows as deeply as possible still standing. "Sorry to disturb you, Mr.Hitachiin. But I have a young lady who says she would like to work for you." she turns to me, smiling at me for reassurance. "Come on, Ms. Mei."
I slowly step into the door way, Maria steps out bowing. And closing the door, leaving me alone. I take a deep bow stance. "Mr. Hitachiin." I say staring at the marble floor.
"Come here, child." he booms, I take a couple steps forward. I hear him chuckle. "Closer child, there is nothing to be afraid of." I walk all the way to his desk. Carefully bring my head up to see a kind face smiling at me. "How old are you, Young One?"

"twenty-two." I whisper, trying to make my lie seem believable.

His smile deepens."Are you sure you want to lie to me, child?"
I slowly shake my head, staring at the floor again. "I'm fifteen, sir."
"Is there any reason you are looking to work at such a young age?" He picks up a pen.
I think for a minute. "Excuse me, sir. But my reasons are something I'm not willing to express."
"Are you coming here to find protection?" he scribbles something onto some paper.
I remain silent for a second. "In a way. Yes,sir." I confirm.
"where are you from, child?" he asks calmly.
My eyes widen. I know not to lie, this time. "America, sir."
"What made you travel to Japan?" he questions kindly.
I sigh sadly. "I'm a runaway of sorts. "
"what were the living conditions you were under that you had to leave from?" he asks, pausing from his writing.
I look up at him, slightly shocked. "Um..I...Uh..." My eyes follow a bird flying outside the window behind his back. "My mother, she..." I pause. "she got into some trouble. And was put away in prison. I was taken to a foster family, where my foster father beat me." A tear runs down my cheek, as the painful memories flash by. Which I quickly wipe away, hopefully before he saw. "Please, Mr. Hitachiin. You have to take me. I can't go back there."
"well, I can't really think of a job I can give a fifteen year old." He sighs.
"Please, Mr. Hitachiin! I'll do anything! Any Job! I can handle whatever!" I cry, looking up at him, tears lingering in my eyes.
He looks up at me. "well, there is this one job. that nobody wants to do because it is difficult, repetitive, and annoying."
"I can do it!" I start to shake. "I'm stronger than most girls."
I hear him chuckle. "I bet you are. So, can I count on you to keep at this job? For at least... Oh I don't know... 10 months."
"yes, sir. Yes you can." I put on a smile. What kind of job would require me to do it for ten months?
"And what is your full name?" he asks.
"Kamagi Shea Mei." I answer.
"Your English name dear." he shakes his head.
"I'm sorry sir. But that name is dead to me now."
He nods his head. "That is fair. Alright Miss Mei." he presses a button on his phone. "Maria, can you come in here please." Seconds later, Maria's head pops though the door. "Maria, can you please show ms. Mei to Hikaru and Kaoru's room?"
Maria smiles. "Yes, sir." oh So I'll be taking care of children. That should be easy. "Come this way, miss Mei." maria says leading me through the halls, to a door. And knocks on it. "Mr. Hitachiins? Are you in there?"
"yes, Maria! Come in!" A male voice calls. She pushes the door in, revealing a blue room. With two beds, one bed occupied by a figure. And a desk with a teenage boy sitting in the chair. I bring my gaze back to the boy on the bed. Then realizing they are twins.
Maria starts. "Mr. Hitachiins. This is your new nanny."
My eyes widen and I gasp. " I can't take care of kids my own age!"
While I am in the middle of a heart attack, the twins are having their own. They both start out saying. "what?!?! Father got us a nanny??? We are fifteen, for Pete's sake!" the one on the bed breaks off. "she's what? Fourteen?"
The one sitting in the chair. "there is no way! We are WAY to old for a nanny!!!"
Maria stops all of us by yelling. "Nanny is not a good word for it!! More like errands girl!"
If my eyes could have widened any more they would have. I choke out. "Errands...Girl???"
The twins look pleased. They both state in unison. "Errands Girl? Oh yes. We could definately get used to that." they put on this devilish grin.
I turn to Maria. "Are you kidding me??? Errand girl???"
Maria frowns. "would you like to quit already?"
"Yea," the boys taunt. "you gunna quit already?"
I feel a deep flush run up my cheeks. "no. There is no way I'm quitting." I turn to give a dagger stare at the two boys. "thank you Maria. Where will I be staying by the way?"

"oh. In that room over there." Maria points to a small door.
I turn to smile at her. "thank you again." and she shuts the door. I spin a 180 degree circle to stare at the twins. I take a gulp. I notice that one of them has his bangs parted to the left, and the other to the right. I make a small wave. "hello boys." I smile lightly.
They both chuckle. And speak in unison again. "after all that. All you can say is 'hello boys'?"
I cross my arms as the fiery sensation rips through my face. "shut up."
"oh.. Now. Is that anyway to treat your employers sons?" the one on the bed speaks first.
"I'm mean. You don't want to get fired on the first day? Do you now?" the one In the chair finished.
"Oh.. Please don't do that! I cant get fired!" I bury my face in my hands.
One of them sighs. "we won't."
"as long as you play a game with us." I can hear this ones voice curl up into a smile.
"what game?" I peek through my fingers.
They both grin devilishly. " do you accept?"
I slowly nod. Sensing trickery.
"ok!" they both turn to look at me. "Let's play the 'which one is Hikaru?'game" they stand up in unison, and pace towards me.
I pull my hands off my face. "that's not fair! I haven't ever seen either of you in my life!"
The twins turn to look at each other. "5..... 4......"
I feel tears forming in my eyes. "that-"
"Boys?" I am interrupted by a booming voice behind me. "please. Be nice to Ms. Mei. Her life is difficult enough as it is.
Hikaru. Kaoru." I feels warm hand on my shoulder. "just do as I say."
They both hang thier heads. "yes father."
Mr. Hitachiin winks at me. "if they give you any more trouble. Just come see me. I'll straighten them out." and he leaves.
"yes,sir." I nod, wiping away my tears.
"oh. But that's no fun." one twin cries.
"but father said to stop." the other one looks over at his brother.
I take a step back and state at the two. "which one is hikaru? Game." I pause thinking for a minute. "you." I point at the one on the right. "you are hikaru."
They both grin like a cheshire cat. "how do you know you are correct? Give us your reasoning."
I point at Kaoru. "you flinched when your father said your name."
He looks shoked for a fraction of a second. " are smarter than I thought."
Hikaru grins. "hmmm....well. I guess that we need to find a new game." he turns to his brother, as there is a light knock on the door. Maria walks in, carrying a bundle of black and white clothes.
"miss Mei. The master wishes that you wear this as a uniform." Maria states, handing the clothes over to me.
I proceed to hang them over my arm so I can take a look at it. I gasp."what is this? Some sort of Cosplay?" in my arms there hangs a maid dress, kind of like what you would see in a manga or anime. I hear the twins giggle to each other. I turn back to glare at them.
"Sorry, miss." Maria bows. "it is the masters wishes."
I sigh, sounding slightly pissed off. "Fine, as long as I'm getting paid."
Behind me the twins burst out laughing. "yes, ms.mei! Go put it on! We want to see!"
Why would they want to see that? My cheeks flare up red. I feel a hand pat my head. And hikaru speaks, "it's alright. We won't kid." he pauses. "much." I fling his hand off my head.
"don't touch me." I growl, walking off into my bedroom. I slam the door closed. And take a look around the room. It's rather small, I think to myself. I shiver. And kinda drafty. The bed is twin sized, and its covered in pink sheets. And there is a small Vanity desk with a mirror.
I lay my "uniform" on the bed and slide my skirt off, and pull my shirt off my torso. I look back into the mirror, staring at the burn marks made by my foster father that I bare on my back.
I grimace, turning away from the mirror. And then carefully slipping the dress around my body. And pulling the tan tights up my legs, thankfully hiding the cut marks on my upper thighs. I fix the frills on the dress so it all looks nice. And then I press my hands down the sides of the poofy skirt. I sigh. This is so stupid...
I pull the small door open and walk out into the room. Kaoru wolf whistles. I scowl at the floor. I feel someone pop a head band on the top of my head. I touch it lightly with my fingers, finding that it has cat ears. I growl and look up at a smirking Hikaru. I reach up my hand to whip them off, but his hand stops me.
"ah! Ah! Ah! That is part of the uniform." he grins. "you have to wear it."
I start to shake. "how often do I have to wear this?"
Then, Kaoru bursts out in laughter. "Everywhere! Now that you mention it!"
Suddenly, over head, a grandfather clock chimes 10pm.
"well, dear brother." hikaru speaks. "I'm tired. How about you?"
"yes, brother. I think it is time to turn in." Kaoru agrees. They both peer over at me.
Hikaru frowns. "this is where you ask If we would like anything."
I take a shocked look for a fraction of a second. Then bow. "is there anything the young masters would like before bed?"
"hmmmm....." Kaoru thinks. "yes. I would like... A hot chocolate. A glass of milk and a.... Hmmm....a plate of sushi."
"ooo..." hikaru thinks. "that sounds good. Make that two of everything he said."
"yes young masters." I pause. "where is the kitchen?"
"down the hall to the right of the stairs. There is another set of stairs for the servants. Take those. They will take you straight to the kitchen." they both say thier memorized line.
I bow out of the room. "thank you, young masters." I take my leave, but remain at next to the door.
I hear hikaru speak. "you know. By telling her the wrong directions, our food will be late. We might be asleep by the time she gets back."
"'s too late now." Kaoru sighs. "that's alright. If we are asleep. Then she will just get mad anyway. She's cute when she's frustrated."
Hikaru sighs happily. "shes cute all the time." I hear him lay back in his bed.
My eyes widen. What the hell is up with high school boys and them talking about girls. I smile though, glad I stayed behind to hear them say that they gave me wrong directions.
I skip down the stairs on the left of the main stairs. Finding the kitchen immediately, hmmm.... Hot cocoa. A glass of milk and ......sushi. Where do I find that? I take a step onto the file floor. An over powering, computer voice booms all around me. "What would you like to eat?"
I squeal. Falling back on the floor. "Ack! What the hell????"
"I'm sorry, that is not in the system. Please repeat request." the robot speaks.
"uhhhh...." I look around. Looking for a source of the voice.
"I'm sorry, that is not in the system. Please repeat request."'s a food finder. "hot chocolate!"
"how many "hot chocolate"?"
"two!" I state.
"anything else I could be of assistance to?"
"yes! Two glasses of milk and two plates of sushi!" this is sooo cool!!!
"will that be all?"
"yes, thank you." I smile. I love this house.
A drawer pops out, revealing two plates of sushi, two hot chocolates and two glasses of milk. "wow. " I whisper. "it's like a ninja." I pick up the large platter to carry the plates on. I smile to myself, humming while walking up the stairs. I knock on the boys room door. Getting no reply, I push the door open with my butt. As I spin around. I see that the light is off and they are both sleeping. "hmmm...well. Since they are both asleep. I guess they don't need all this food." I say, speaking loud enough for them to hear. "I guess this can be my dinner. Oooo....I love sushi! And this hot chocolate looks yummy. It smells so delicious. Like a hot summer day, the mint is like a refreshing spring." I hear both their tummies growl in hunger. "hmmm...maybe I don't need this. I mean. I haven't eaten in... Three days. I'll just set this here." I step over to the desk and set the platter down. Take a couple steps back and go into my room. Closing the door. I quickly pull off my dress and put on a pair of sweats. Hmm...I need to take a shower. But where? I look around the room.seeing a door. I open it. There is this massive bathroom. Hmm...must be the boys. Am I allowed to use it? Well, it will have to do for tonight. I close the door to my room. I pull off my clothes and turn the water on hot. I step under the stream of liquid. Shivering. The scars on my back behinh to tingle. After I finish my shower, I step out and dry off. I slip my under clothes on and am about to put on my shirt. But then I hear a door open. I spin around. Seeing hikaru.
"ack! You perv! Get out!" I push the door closed. I slide down the door. Please, don't see my scars. Please forget them.

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