Oh my Shinigami!

Oh my Shinigami!

Hello there, this is my first attempt at writing fan fiction, So bear with me. :)

Chapter 1

An unexpected change of events

I am Olivia Oberoi. This is my story. My Legacy. It's time people know the truth.

31st Dec 1999.
New year's eve.

"Olivia!" "Olivia!" Da calls from below. "Hurry up sweet heart! We're getting late!"
"Coming!!!!" I shout as I barge out my room. The air is heavy with anticipation of the new year. I can feel it. Da is excited too. He doesnt show it but I know. It's always been like that. I can tell what people are feeling. I don't show it though. My best friend abandoned me because she though it was weird.

Ha! I don't care about her anymore. I have Da with me. He is my Best Friend.

"Look who's late again!" Jason sneers. Jason is my older brother (so to speak) who graduated a year ago, when I was in fourth grade. He isn't related to us me or Da. He is Da's best friend's son. Mamma left when I was very little. Da says she died. But i know she didn't. She comes to me in my dreams. She visits me sometimes too.

I haven't told Da about it. It is just between me and mamma. She asked me to keep it a secret. Our secret.

"Jason, stop sneering at your sister-"
"She is not my sister" Jason puts in. Da sighs. "Jason, this is not the time-"
"Of course it isn't. It is never the time. No one in this house wants to hear anything against Olivia. No body seems to see the truth glaring at them right in their faces-"
"Jason, look here young man-"
"NO! I'm done with you! and your whole act of lies. Don't you see it's gonna fall all about you like a house of cards in a hurricane. Why don't you see? Why are you putting up an act? Don't you see what she is? Hasn't the society made it clear enough?She doesn't get to live! No matter how many ways you look at it! they'll come for her one day."
"JASON! THAT IS ENOUGH!" I've never seen Da so angry. His usually warm and and sunny eyes were red with rage. "You are not to speak to your sister like that."
Wait. They were talking about me? Who's gonna come for me? Will I die? Why did Jason hate me so much? What did I do? What will I do? So many questions.
The atmosphere of anticipation turns to dark apprehension. there is tension in the air. No on speaks for a while. The clock in the hallway seems to tick faster. I sneak a glance it's 11:45 the countdown must have begun. I could hear people gathering outside at the square. The hullabaloo was in sharp contrast with the palpable tension at home.

Something snapped. "That's it" Jason says. He opens the door and slams it behind him. Silence. Da doesn't say anything as he quietly gets up and moves to Jason's bedroom. I hear him opening cupboards and can only guess he is packing Jason's stuff. I'm still standing where I was when Jason left. A million thoughts are buzzing in my mind. None too clear to be made sense of. It's like a swarm of bees buzzing in my ears. The noise of the crowd begins to fade as a new ringing fills my ears. It is painful. I hold my stomach in, willing the pain, the confusion, the trepidation to go away. It doesn't.

I hear a huge eruption of cheers outside and know that it's new year. For everyone out there it's celeberation time. The millenium is here. But for me, Olivia Stephens, It passes without notice. No, that isn't true. Something notable happens, something has changed. I just can't figure out what. It scares me.

I run to Da. He is sitting on Jason's bed. His head in his hands. An air of desolation surrounds him. I haven't felt such sadness in my life. Da looks up when he hears my footsteps. "Come 'ere Lea" he attempts to smile. Da calls me Lea when he tries to comfort me. I walk up to the bed. But i'm not looking at Da. I'm Looking around the room. Jason's room. It's the first time I've seen it.

It is very neat. The walls are painted white. A huge window faces the door. Two books are neatly arranged on the only table in the room. Everything is exact. precise. beautiful even. On the wall to the right of the door is a single poster. It is Jason, in a black robe. It looked like a dress. If not for the given circumstances it would have even looked funny. I stare at it. But right now i think it is beautiful. I always looked up to Jason. He was the perfect elder brother. The perfect son. Protecting me when i was bullied. Helped me with homework. Though for some reason, he never really loved me. It was more like he was doing all those things out of duty. Still, deep down I like to think he loved me.


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