Better Than Reality

This is a story I'm making. Let's see how this goes...
Im just going to dive right into it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - It Has to Start Somewhere

Sam's a 13 year old girl and goes to Brodley Middle School. She is tall, pale, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She goes up to Manroe High School in the mournings to take Latin. Her best friend's names are Holly and Toby.

First day of school :

"I've got a seating chart...Sam here, Holly here-" Her Latin teacher, Mr. Dentil says pointing to seats in rows of three in the middle of the classroom,"Josh here, Kyle, and Joey here," Mr. Dennis says. Sam zones out on the rest as she turns around to talk to Holly. "This may be a problem,you are so tall. I cant see the board." Holly says. Sam breaks out laughing. "This will be fun." Sam says turning around.

Soon they have their first classwork- translating Latin in a textbook. Holly and Sam are partners. "Sam! You got it wrong! Its reversed!" Holly says to Sam. Sam starts laughing. "Well sorry I work it out and its right then I'm stupid and I try again." Sam says. Before their conversation can continue, Josh turns around laughing. "Haha your stupid so you try to work on it Haha." Josh says and turns back around. Sam briefly knew him from a science project in 6th grade. She's never really had a crush on him, till she had a dream about him. Something that happened in that dream made him seem cute- but she couldnt remember what. All she knows is that shes got a crush on him.

She turns back to Holly and continues working. Soon the class is over and they line up at the door. While they wait for the bell to ring, Holly, Sam, and their other friend Amelia talk. Sam is in the middle of laughing at an inside joke when she is poked in the side. She turns and sees Jerimia, and George starring at her. Jerimia and George are best friends. "Jerimia! WHOA thats assault!" Sam says and Jerimia starts laughing. He reachs over and pokes her again. She puts her bookbag down and stands in a defense position. Jerimia does the same. She reaches over with her hand flat and pokes him in his stomach. He tries to go for an immediate attack, but Sam blocks it. "YEAH IM A FREAKIN NINJA!!!" Sam says and pokes him again. Sam leans down to pick up her bookbag when Jerimia pokes her again. She stands up and is about to pokes him again, then they stand there circling each other as if they were in battle.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sam could see a guy she has a crush on, David, looking at them. Jerimia goes to poke her again but she blocks it, still secretly checking to see if he's looking. They go on a full-poke war until the bus comes.

Holly, Sam, and Toby are walking to their first block class at their Middle School. Holly and Sam stop at their lockers and Toby continues walking down the hall to his locker. Sam finishes first and walks to her class. She passes by Toby's and David's locker. "Bye Toby." Sam says. "Goodnight Sam." Toby says. Out of the corner of her eye, she can see David looking at her. She turns her head and walks into her math class.

"Mr. Valdy changed the seats again." Sam's seventh grade friends Mckenzie and Bailey tell her. She grabs a seat near some friends and saves a seat for Holly. Sam's last block is in English with Mrs. Dawkins. Sam and Holly sit next to each other, the only two in the first row and David sits behind Sam and David's best friend Devin sits next to him. She has a crush on him too.

"Ok, we will now be presenting our name cards." Mrs. Dawkin's says. "Dont be me dont be me dont be me!" Sam whispers. Mrs. Dawkins goes through a couple of people then she calls on Devin. He presented that he likes football and baseball. Thats it.

Sam sighs in relief because she thinks that they ran out of time and she wouldnt have to go. "Sam." Mrs. Dawkins says. "What??" Sam says turning around. Mrs. Dawkings holds out her card. She gets up, takes it, and walks towards the front. "I have to do it today?" Sam asks. Mrs. Dawkins gives her a look. "Well you cant do it tomorrow!" Devin says. Sam begins her presentation.

"Well, im mellow." She continues. "I like to read and write, because this is English class and Im a suck up." Sam says and everyone laughs. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Devin still laughing.

After school Sam immediately calls her friend Sara. She moved to Tennesee during the summer. They talk everyday. "I think Devin and David have a crush on me!" Sam says into the phone. "Cool!" Sara says. "Im falling in love falling in love falling in love...with Devin and David." Sam sings into the phone. Sara starts cracking up. They are best friends...but the move is slowly tearing them apart.


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