Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

I know Geena normally specializes in the D Criss category but I've had this idea for a while and I've been fangirling over Darren a lot lately for some odd reason. I go through SK cycles with the guys. It's always Holden and Matt but then I add others every now and then. Looks like right now it's Eric and Darren.

So anyways, this at least starts at U of M. No idea where it's gonna end.

The chapter titles are from W.H. Auden's poems. They aren't related to the story.

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 17

Admirer as I think I am

Darren finally pulls up to his parent's house in a subdivision outside of San Francisco. "It's pretty quiet here," I observe, glancing around the houses. I'd expected Darren to come from a more... colorful environment.
"We used to live in the city, but once Chuck and I were gone I guess they were ready for some quiet," Darren tells me, "Can't imagine why."
I laugh at that and get out, happy to stretch my legs for more than just a few minutes. "Oh my God that feels wonderful," I tell him.
Darren laughs and pulls our luggage out of the back. "I have your suitcase," he tells me.
"I can carry it," I say but Darren pushes past me carrying both mine and his. I watch him walk up to the door, feeling a tiny bit nervous. How is his family going to act? Judging from the way Darren behaves they must all be crazy.
Darren glances back and waves for me to join him on the porch. "Hurry up Auden!"
He rings the bell as I shift my weight from one foot to the other, feeling uncharacteristically anxious. "You alright there champ?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at me.
"No. I feel awkward."
Darren rolls his eyes and reaches out to grab my arm. "Listen. They'll love you okay? It's only going to be awkward if you.... act like yourself."
I wrench my arm away from him. "What do you mean?!"
"I mean that it would be nice if you actually acted social and didn't look down on everyone and everything," he responds.
Before I can respond the door is thrust open by a short, beaming woman. "Darren!" she exclaims, embracing him suitcases and all. "And you must be Auden!" Before I can defend myself she has her arms around me as well. Darren gives me a look and I hesitantly hug her back. This seems to be acceptable becaues Darren gives me a thumbs up before walking into the house. "I'm Cerina," she tells me, leading me through the door.
"Nice to meet you," I say with a nod, taking in the living room. There are a few family pictures on the wall, some hilarious school pictures of Darren with his hair actually well-kept, and tasteful decorations. This doesn't look like a crazy person's house at all....
"-Charles should be home soon and I think Chuck will be coming in tomorrow," Cerina is saying as Darren thunders back down the stairs.
"I stuck your bags up in the guest bedroom Auden," he tells me with a grin before collapsing back on the couch. "How are things Mom?"
"Well I was just telling Auden that you father should be-" The sound of the front door opening cuts her off. Cerina laughs. "Never mind."
"Is that Darren's car?!" I hear a man call from the foyer.
Darren bounces up and runs to greet his dad while I join his mom on the couch. "So, how did you meet Darren?" she asks me.
"He ran into me," I respond irritably before even thinking about it. Well, that's the truth.... but there go my social skills.
Cerina laughs. "For some reason I'm not surprised."
"Dad this is Auden," Darren says, walking back into the room with a balding man who has the exact same nose as him. "Auden, this is my dad Charles."
"Nice to meet you," I say as he firmly shakes my hand. At least I didn't get another awkward hug.
"Well you must be hungry," Cerina says, standing back up.
I protest, saying that we ate on the way while Darren exclaims that he's starving. "Come on Auden, I'm sure you have room for some of Mom's cooking. It's delicious," Darren says, elbowing me.
Grudgingly, I stand and follow him to the kitchen where he warms up two plates of leftovers from the fridge. "So, how do you enjoy the family?" he asks, setting a plate of chicken and rice in front of me.
"I just met them. I don't think I can formulate an opinion of them this early," I say, taking a bite. He's right, it's really good.
"Well you seem to like the food at least," he observes with a laugh before digging in to his own plate.
"You caught me," I say sarcastically.
Darren's mom pokes her head in and smiles. "Darren, I saved you some Buko pie too."
"Mom I love you," Darren says, jumping up to find this "Buko" pie. He turns to me. "That's coconut pie to you English speakers."
"You speak English!" I shoot back.
He shrugs. "But I speak other things too. I'm multi-lingual, multi-talented..."
"And you must be multi-egoed since you're so full of yourself," I mutter.
Darren scowls. "What did you say?"
"No you insulted me, I know it. Tell me!" Before I can stop him he's tickling my sides. I struggle to get away, gasping for breath. "Give up! You're useless against my powers!"
"Darren! Leave the poor girl alone!" Charles yells from the living room.
He falters enough for me to make an escape. "Yeah Darren," I pant, "leave me alone."
"I will," he says, "for now..."
Well, that sounds promising.

After eating some pie we return to the living room to visit. Darren does most of the talking, so it's pretty easy for me. I just make sure to add in a small comment every now and then so Darren can't pick on me later for being anti-social.
Cerina catches me yawning and sends me up to bed around ten. It's early, but I'm glad I have an excuse to escape from the conversation. His family seems nice but I'm just not a big talker and I don't feel like starting now.
The guest room is nice. It's big and airy with minimal decorating so it's my kind of room. Darren left my suitcase sitting on the bed, so I dig out pajamas and get dressed before moving it to the floor and climbing into bed.
Even though they're downstairs I can still hear Darren and his parents laughing and talking. The noise bothers me, and I toss and turn for a while before finally falling asleep.

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