Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

Magic Spells In Modern Times (A Darren Criss Story)

I know Geena normally specializes in the D Criss category but I've had this idea for a while and I've been fangirling over Darren a lot lately for some odd reason. I go through SK cycles with the guys. It's always Holden and Matt but then I add others every now and then. Looks like right now it's Eric and Darren.

So anyways, this at least starts at U of M. No idea where it's gonna end.

The chapter titles are from W.H. Auden's poems. They aren't related to the story.

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 3

The crowds upon the pavement were fields of harvest wheat

Tuesday is much better because I don't have to go to the drama class. After my Women In Shakespeare class I head to the caf for a quick lunch. I pick up a salad and head over to a small table in front of one of the windows. No one sits near me, but I'm fine with that. I pull out the book I'm currently reading for my dystopian literature class and scan a few pages as I eat, comfortable with my isolation.
Until someone ruins it.
"Hey! Auden! Fancy seeing you here," Darren says, plopping down next to me. "What are you reading there?"
I put the book down, already sure I won't get any more reading done with him around. "1984," I answer, taking another bite of my salad.
Darren nods, those annoying curls of his still bouncing all over. It's like this guy can't be still. Some part of him always seems to be in motion. "Darren!" What looks like a short little ball of fire tackles the guy sitting across from me, almost making him fall. Two other torpedos follow, but they stop short of the guy and girl wrestling with small smiles on their faces.
"Liv!" Darren exclaims, finally breaking out of the crazy red-headed girl's embrace. "I missed you yesterday! How was TAR?"
One of the girls behind him, the curly haired one, rolls her eyes. "Terrible. No one bought us!"
The blonde one nods. "And we were out there all day!"
"Jack almost got arrested at the gas station and everything," the short girl says, sitting next to Darren. She glances over at me. "Hey. Who're you?"
"Liv, this is Auden. She's in our drama class now. Auden, this is my girlfriend Liv," Darren introduces us. The blonde girl clears her throat and curly-hair flicks Darren in the back of the head. "Oh yeah! And this is Meredith and Denise, some more drama friends."
"Wow, he forgot about us," Denise says, taking the seat on the other side of Darren. Meredith makes her way around the table and sits next to me. What happened to my quiet lunch?
"Well that's Darren for you. Always forgetting about us," Meredith says with an exaggerated sigh.
Darren rolls his eyes and reaches across the table to pat Meredith's head. "I'm sorry. Now what's this about a certain Jack Stratton almost getting arrested?"
"Oh!" Liv says loudly. I feel like the whole cafeteria can hear us. "Well we went to the gas station before we set up our exhibit right? And Stratton was already totally in 'The Internet Is Liquid' mode. We couldn't do anything to stop him. So he got his drink and.."
"I dunno. I think he just freaked out the cashier. A lot," Meredith says.
Darren nods. "Jack has a way of doing that."
Okay, I can't take this. "What the hell is the internet is liquid?" I asked.
Denise grins. "I'm glad you asked."
And right there, the three girls proceed to move like machines. They dip and grab each other and roll around, all the while with people staring at all of us. Darren watches with a slightly amused look on his face, unconcerned about what's going on. Before I can leave or ask them to please stop or... something we're joined by a strange man. I have a feeling this is the Jack Stratton I just heard about.
"Guys! Without me? Someone put up the sign saying how much we are. Someone will buy our movements... our bodies..." He trails off, glancing over at me. Doing another strange dip move, he looks at me again. "Who are you?"
Annoyed, I grab my empty salad bowl and stand up. "I'm Auden Dalton. And I need to go."
"Oh Auden, come on. Stay with us!" Darren says, giving me a pleading look.
I shake my head. "I can't. I have to go to class. I'll just see you in class tomorrow okay?"
Darren smiles. "Or I'll find you in here again for lunch."
I nod, trying to be as courteous as possible for booking the hell out of there. See me again for lunch? Ha, as if.

I go home for lunch the next day, favoring seclusion over being publicly embarassed again. I'll still have to face that crazy group duing drama but at least that will be in their own atmosphere where everyone has something wrong with them. Thank God it's only a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class. Still not amazing but it's better than having it every day. I'll bring some of my other books with me. We don't do anything in that class so maybe I'll get something else done. If they leave me alone long enough that is.

"Auden! There you are! Never mind Prof, she's here," Meredith says, running up. "We couldn't find you in the cafeteria today!"
"I had a lot of work to do so I went home," I explain, setting my bag next to an open chair.
"AJ! Brian! What are you two doing here!?" Meredith yells, running away from me. Thank God. Now if they'll all just stay away.
But I guess that's pushing my luck. As soon as I have my book out, Darren and Liv come waltzing in. And no, that is not a figure of speech. They are literally waltzing. "That was one of the best dance classes we've ever had!" Liv announces to everyone. One of the guys that Meredith is talking to winces and everyone laughs.
"It's okay Rosenthal. We know you can't dance. Everyone has different talents," Darren says, patting his back.
Another guy pokes his head in. I hold back a groan. Where is the structure here? "Hey Brian! Come on, I'm gonna be late!"
"In a minute Joey. Just a second," the guy Darren is still patting says, holding up his hand. Our professor signs some sheet of paper and nods before waving him out of the room.
"Hey Tim!" Joey yells, waving. To my horror it's the professor he's talking to. He's calling him Tim.
He just smiles and waves back before standing up and walking towards the front of the room. Wow, maybe we'll actually do something today. "Alright guys. Now I know Matt's been working on a script...."
"Not just me. My brother and Holden too," a light-haired guy interrupts.
Tim smiles and nods, "Right. How are they?"
"Fine. Sick of California," Matt answers with a shrug.
"Anyways, he's doing that and we'll let him. The rest of you should get in groups and choreograph something for me."
Something? How vague can he be? And in groups of how many? Where should I go? "Hey Auden, join us!" Darren calls out. Reluctantly, I walk over to his group. Liv and Meredith are there too along with a tall guy wearing a baseball hat. I'm pretty sure he's the one Darren called Walker.
"So I'm thinking we should do a fight scene," Liv says, pretending to slash the air with an invisible sword.
Walker winds his hand back and punches Darren. Full on punches him. Darren falls to the ground, clutching his cheek and I hold back a scream. What was that?! He bounces back up and laughs, high-fiving Walker. His face should have a red mark, but there's nothing. What? "How did you do that?" I find myself asking.
Darren grins. "Practice."
"They trick is to get your hand up at the exact right moment," Walker tells me.
"And to move at the right time," Liv adds, pretending to stab Meredith with her pretend swrod. Meredith lets out a strange gurggle before falling to the ground.
I shake my head. "This is ridiculous."
"Yepp!" Darren agrees as he and Walker take turns "hitting" each other.
"Uh, shouldn't we do our scene or whatever?" I ask, trying to nudge them back on task.
"Oh it's fine," Walker says, waving me away.
Darren nods in agreement, "Tim usually gives us a week to put together something like this."
"So if we're given a week shouldn't we make the most of our time and work on it every day until then?"
They all turn and give me blank stares before Walker catches Darren off guard and actually punches him in the face.
I sigh and sit in a chair, watching them waste their time. But honestly, what did I expect?

Here's the link to TAR at the Ann Arbor art fair. Denise wasn't really in it (neither was Liv, Geena's character lol) but I based their strange conversation off of this. Meredith and Jack Stratton are in it along with some of their friends.
Well handsome, they smell darn goooooood!-Lauren Lopez

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