Quibblo Secret Santa: CANCELLED

Please read story... )':

Chapter 1

I am sorry

Hey guys, IM sure EVERYONE knows about the malware(?) virus on Quibblo and right not I am on my iPod, which is a pain to type up stories and quizzes etc.

1) I won't be writing and posting chapters of my stories any time soon unless I can get on my computer.
2) I wont create any quizzes etc. Because it's to hard on a iPod.
3) and this is a hard choice: I think IM going to cancel the Quibblo Secret Santa because I have to message atleast 80 people+ and then I have to keep up alot of conversations with people over an iPod.....
It's hard.

So I am really sorry; IM trying to convice myself not to cancel it but I need a reason.
Sorry guys


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