The Love And Life Of An Imbred (original story)

The Love And Life Of An Imbred (original story)

Two people from two very different pasts meet in the school halls what she dosnt know won't kill her but what happens when she finds out about his dark past will she run and just make them closer or will it just make her meet her doom. Haha very dramtic XP but I hope you like it's not a fan fiction just a normal story or well original okay maybe a little fan fiction like just weebit well enjoy!! ^^ oh and also itll be like one chapter in her pov and the other in his okay thanks and enjoy!! ^^

Chapter 1

School Office

"But Mr.-"
"No but's this kinda of stuff isn't allowed in school now I want the next school paper aporperate or your off the school paper, are we clear??" he basically spit in my face.
"Its the truth, people need to learn the truth" I said under my breath.
"What was that" he asked with one eyebrow raised so up it wasn't normal.
"Your free to go, now give this to Jill to sign and be on your way to class. Your lucky I'm leaving you leave with a warning."
Ya ya that's what you always say, I guess that's the upside of having your dad work at your school when you get sent to the office it's always off with a "warning".
"Hey Jill, my dad wants you to sign this for me."
I looked up and saw the most handsome man I've ever seen, I couldnt remember how to breath okay Chole breath I'm breath out.
"okay I'll just be with you just a min, let me get him ready and I'll sign it" Jill said
I couldn't help but stare, something about him made him so different.
"I'm Alex by the way" he said, he had such chocolate brown eyes, brown swooped hair.
"Hi, I'm Chole" he smiled his smile was so prefect, his teeth so white and straight like a male model.
"Here you go and Chole would you mind showing Alex here around school?"
"sure loved too" I smiled. "right this way" I said holding the door open for him.
"So where are you from?" I asked looking at his scheldel.
"Texas my family moves a lot and soon once I start loving it here too we'd have to move again" Alex said with a sad look.
"oh I'm sorry" I felt bad I don't know what it feels like to move every so often, I've lived in this quite town of Sandpoint, Idaho all my life where everyone knows eachother.
"ya so it must be pretty cool to have your dad head cheif around here huh?" he smiled
"haha ya I guess but kinda sucks at the same time" we stoped walking.
"what's wrong?" Alex asked with a worried expression.
"nothing, it's that your lockers right here and your class is right down the hall, well this is were I say goodbye, if you need anymor help I have 1st brunch which is right after this class I usually am spotted in the courtyard by the big maple tree taking pictures of everyone"
"oh okay well I guess see ya then" he smile and opened his locker, I waved goodbye and headed towards English.
After boring English class I went to my locker to find Robert.
"Hey" Robert said grabbing my books.
"So did you get in more trouble?"
"Nope he just yelled at me 'now if I see this again I'll blah blah'" I said trying to speak like my father. He bursted out laughing.

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