Connor Stoll My Heart (A Camp Half-Blood Story)

Well thanks for the characters. I'm still accepting more, if you want to message me with yours. But for now, comment, rate, enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

Character Info

Name: Auri Chae Mason

Age: 12

Appearance: long, silky black hair, bright green eyes. Tan, short, lean.

Personality: kind, caring. Over-protective of those she loves. Always smiling, despite her past.

Species: Demigod

..... Mortal Parent: Elle Mason
..... Godly Parent: Poseidon.

Siblings: Percy Jackson (half brother), Tyson (half brother)

Weapon: daggers

Other: Will be revealed in the story.

*** *** *** *** ***

Name: Rebecca "Bex" Dawn

Age: 11

Appearance: Curly brown black hair, brown piercing eyes, coffee skin

Personality: Cool, nice but not afraid to be tough. Athletic, hates people who act snotty, funny, laid back, awesome. She's pretty fashionable herself, smart

Species: Demigod

..... Mortal Parent: Unknown
..... Godly Parent: Athena

Siblings: Matthew (mortal brother)
............. Athena cabin

Weapon: dagger, staff

Other: can perform magic (takes the magic from her locket)

*** *** *** *** ***

Name: Charlene Raven

Age: 12

Appearance: Blond, almost white, hair to waist with blood red tips. Violet eyes when happy, red when mad.

Personality: Mean on the exterior, softy once you get to know her. Bad temper.

Species: Demigod

..... Mortal Parent: Unknown
..... Godly Parent: Hades

Siblings: None that she knows of.

Weapon: Stilettos (knives), 22'in. Browning (gun)

Other: Pet Hell hound (received as a 12th birthday present), pet wolf that she found on her way to Camp Half-Blood. Metamorphmagus - has the ability to turn into a wolf (doesn't know about it yet).

*** *** *** *** ***

Name: Mercy Eliot

Appearance: Long Dark Red hair, gold eyes, is about 5'7

Personality: Caring, destructive, and merciful

Species: Demigod

..... Mortal Parent: Andrew Elliot
..... Godly Parent: Artemis

Siblings: N/A

Weapon: A bow painted gold

Other: Is Artemis's only child, she is just like her mother. She doesn't stand for people who try to take her loved ones. Will not hesitate to kill for a loved one if she believes that the person deserves it.

To imhyper, I know you said that Artemis was a virgin until now, but I think I'm just gonna go with Mercy being a gift to her father from Artemis. This way, she keeps with her beliefs, she just has a daughter.

*** *** *** *** ***

Name: Joseph "Joey" Parker

Age: 16

Appearance: Shaggy blond hair, brown eyes, tall

Personality: Funny, rebellious, impulsive, vain, troublemaker, clever

Species: Demigod

..... Mortal Parent: Janice Parker
..... Godly Parent: Apollo

Siblings: Ava Parker (Half sister)

Weapon: Bow & arrows

Other: Plays the drums, bass, sax, harp and flute. Loves to skateboard.

Oh, 7Things.... Thank you for this. I am going to have fun with Joey, haha :)

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