this story is slightly based off of my recent break up......sooo umm....please just read. also please comment and rate,kk thanks.

xoxo becca

Chapter 2

Everyday Life.....sorta

School that day was a blur. I couldn't get Corey of my mind,then again I never could. No one seemed to notice my unusual behavior,which is a blessing.

When I got from school I went straight to my lap top,logging onto facebook as quickly as I could. I was scared of what might be posted on my page because of me and Corey. There were a few comments from his friends,but they never really liked me that much. But it still stung,plus the comments were really mean.

I took a deep breath and logged off of facebook,no need to torture myself anymore. I went to the fridge to see if there's anything good to eat. But before I could grab any food my brother,Devon,and his friends came rushing up the stairs.

"Hey Beckz,can you move?" Devon asked.
"Yeah,sure." I said,moving out of the way.

When they finally left there was nothing good left to eat. I called Griffin and asked if I could eat with his family tonight. He said sure,of course.

I grabbed my jacket and walked the three blocks to Griffins house. When I got there I just walked in like usual. Griffin and his twin brother,Alex,were playing video games.

"Oh.....hey Becca,sit down my mom should be here soon with the food. Griffin said,never taking his eyes off the screen.

"Ok." I said sitting on the floor by Griffins feet,Iayed my head on his leg. Him and Alex laughed at me.

About a half an hour later their mom came home with fried chicken from KFC. Griffin,Alex,and me all pigged out. It felt good to finally eat something.

After dinner Griffin walked me home,we were quiet most of the time. When we got to my house he came in for a few minutes to warm up. Then he said biii and left.

I walked down the stairs leading to the basement. I walked past Devon's room and looked inside. He was practicing guitar,not that he needs to. He's really really good,to bad his band broke up.

Then I walked into my room and locked the door. I blasted my Black Veil Brides CD so no one could my sobs of emotional pain. I layed the cold blade against my skin and applied pressure. I watched the crimson beats drop onto my carpet,staining it.

I smiled at the pain but then realized why I was doing this. I started to sob again and eventually fell asleep.


btw i wanna point out that this is not true(besides the fact that my boyfriend Corey dumped me) and im not trying to trash anyone,im just writing a story.

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