this story is slightly based off of my recent break up......sooo umm....please just read. also please comment and rate,kk thanks.

xoxo becca

Chapter 9

Dreams or Reality?

Corey's soft lips with pressed against mine,his hands working to get my bra off. Both of our shirts are already laying on the ground.

Finally he gets my bra off. He pushes me down onto the bed and starts kissin down my half naked body,he stopped at my b00bs. He lightly nibbled and sucked on them,I started to moan in pleasure.

"Do you want more?" He whispered. All I do was nod.

He started to kiss down my naked body again,stopping at my pants this time. He undid the button and zipper on my pants then pulled them off. Next he started kissing up my thigh,when he reached my underwear he took them off. His tongue was about to explore my-

"Becca,wake up. Someone's on the phone for you." Griffin said,shaking me awake.

"Five more minutes!!!" I whined,not getting up.

Griffin grabbed me by the waist and carried me out to the phone. I picked it up.

"Hello. Um....who is this?" I asked.

"Hello Rebecca. This is Judy from St.Mary's Hospital. We just wanted to let you know that your brother,Devon,was in an accident earlier this morning. We couldn't get a hlod of your parents so we called you."

"What happened? Is he okay? Oh God,please let him be okay."

"He was walking around town when a drunk driver swerved and hit him. He just woke up and is asking for you."

"Thank God he's not dead. Well...thanks for calling. Tell him I'll be there soon." I said hanging up.

"Who was it?" Griffin asked.

"Judy from St.Mary's Hospital. You have your temps,right?"

"Yeah....why? What happened?"

"Devon got hit by a drunk driver,lets go. You're driving."


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