Silver Moon

This is my first story please comment and tell me what you think, and if you don't like it please please don't leave hate comments, it's unfriendly.
I hope you enjoy the story!!!!!!! :D

Chapter 1


The man sprinted through the streets, the moonlight dancing on the wet pavement. The dim yellow lights of the streetlamps ignited sections of the street like midnight spotlights.

The man was just a guy from the local pub (bar), but something was chasing him. He could have been imagining it, he could have been drunk. I mean, that was the most possible answer, right?

But this was beyond possible

Black blurry shapes moved about with unnatural speed. The man glanced desparetly over his shoulder and he slipped on a puddle and fell backwards. The man gave out a yell...staring at the figure standing over him.

But he wasn't staring at a man.

He was staring at an animal.

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