My Choice: Deleting. If you want to keep contact!


Chapter 1


I've made the ultimate choice to delete. I'll be backing up all my stories on a Microsoft Word document, just in case I wish to continue them :)

Anyway, I'm looking at 1500 messages in my inbox, and I won't be able to get through them all.

I've really enjoyed Quibblo, but I just don't have the time anymore. Well, I do to write this.

So, deleting. Yes, you may be devastated, but I'm sure you'll survive. There are various other ways which we can keep contact, and I'm hoping some of my closest friends will send me an inbox... :,3

My email:

My deviantART:
I go on this very often :)

I'm only selecting few people for my Facebook, so send me a message on either of the thing above if you want it. Please. My closest friends can -_-

I've always loved everyone. They've been so kind, all the time... But now I'm leaving. Alright? Ok.


Bye </3


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