Bad boy Love story

My name is avery and this is my bad boy love story

Chapter 1


I had left the sand villiage my bf for 1 year for a whille now im going to visit him I had heard he had been cheating on me with serphina my besty I walked in on them "why not make those rumors true" she said "u read my mind" he said they made out i was shocked I dropped his jacket the necklace he gave me to I ran off grabbing what I needed what I had lleft I walked over he saw the jacket and the necklace I breezed by his eyes widened "Avery!" He yelled i darted off with sensai a few months later I was trained hardcore til I was so f(blank)king sore at night my demons helped me It was a rough day this week was my last week tommrow she would teach me something the shenu girls dont even know are just finding out about I went to sleep I woke up and then I kept trying she went to bed I crawled out and I concentrated I didnt know she was leaning on a tree I got it I grinned ad kept going til it was natural to me she grinned and got back in her tent like me I slept through the afternoon I shot up remembering she smiled "morning" she said "why didnt u wake me up" I asked "ur latenight training" she said I was shocked i scratched my cheek with one finger she laughed "so ur now a leaf nin lady hokage has adopted u" she said I was shocked "no way" I yelled she laughed lady hokage showed up one of the three sannin she inspired me to become a kunoichi im a shenu but i have never met my other shenu I heard they were nin in the leaf I packed she took them backand left me "ur lst week lets go shopping" she said I looked whats wrong with what im wearing" I asked "well umm I dont like it dress up" she said she had took my cloaks away already I was used to it now but still I sighed nodding we left we shopped all around i sighed soon I walked into the best spa/salon/makeup studio they gasped and went at me they cancceled everyone and I mean everyone i was that bad soon I saw dirt al in my bath I relxed I was good at that now they did it all she threw me an outfit 'ur making a shenu debut chicka" she snarled I smiled putting it on I walked u heard my heels getting closer I had gotten my hair down streaks it all I steped out my handd on my hip she clapped we left she got me a phone I got a tattoo of my name above my butt and a tat that goes down my arm aroun my hand and down my leg its beauitiful I got peircings I walked out looking at her her eyes popped out "no no" she said "pwease im 14 going on 15" I said she sighed nodding we left we traveled to the leaf we would get there on my birthday we got there before it I walked in he stoped me i turned "Avery shenu now adopted by tsunade genin going on chunin tommrow sand villiage" I said his eyes widened he droped i walked through with sensai she smiled a girl passed chasing a kitten I grabbed it she smiled "thanks im hana ooo epic tats" she said i laughed "got em 2 days ago and no prob" I said handing the kitten to her it meowed jumping in my arms she laughed when my lion prowled up beside me "this is geoka my demon in animal form" I said she was shocked I grinnned "so what u doing around here" she asked "come on aavery" sensai yelled I went for her we walked in a guy sat there he waas so hot my eyes widened he looked part wolf he had fangs like me I looked aawy hiding them "ah here she is" lady hokage said he looked up his eyes widened i smiled waving "heya" I said she smiled "u can choose ur team" she said "no fair" ino yelled i turned 'shut up" I said coldly she shut herr mouth quickly it shocked everyone "hey!" she yelled I rolled my eyes looking when I looked at her my eyes widened "ery" she yelled "ino!" I yelled hugging her "omg ru"I yelled hugging sakura "hey ery" she said "so whee u been" ino asked "training" I said "what just hapened" naruto asked "oh sory this is our best friend from fb" sakura said I grinned "oh yeah hey ery" tenten said the girls knew me I had added them all "hey what u been up to" a girl asked "oh sorry im ava shenu" she said sensai's head shot up "thats avery.. shenu" tsunade said their jaws droped I grinned putting up a peace sign "heya" I said they grinned we left I was talking to the girls I stoped then ran i Jumped on lena's back she laughed I giggled getitng down we sat down "so whos he" I asked looking at kiba "I wouldnt hes got a girlfriend" temari said I sighed "hes hot" I said they laughed I giggled they looked over curious he starred at me this guy walked in he leaned down ""sup" he said kiba fumed "hm bye"I said he fumed grabbing kiba's bf he kissed her he fumed she kissed back his eyes widened he must have been hurt I stood up walking over I shoved him off her he laughed "jealoous" he asked I raised my eyebrow "u and u go talk" i said nodding to kiba and her they looked at me I glaed they scurried out I threw him through the glass window he hit the wall and slid down I smiled slyly sensai darted in nicce" she said I laughed "anyway im going to sleep" I said "but its morning still" sasuke said "whats ur point" I asked he laughed I walked off and walked into ava's mansion they turned "im napping in ur room" I said walking up that guy laughed when the nin girls danced in I was asleep "she here" ino asked "yeah she came in and said im going to sleep in avas room then left like it was her house" tay said they laughed "shes something" temari said they agreed I threw a teddy bear at ino turning I giggled she laughed chasing m downstairs I walked up laughing i shuffled to another room and went to sleep again "uh why is thee a chick sleeping in my bed" kami asked they all laughed she smacked me I looked "get out im sleeping" I said she raised her eyebrow "plz" I said she laughed I giggled "sorry I have nowhere to go and well my adopted mom isnt home yet" I said she laughed "who is "lady hokage" ino said "sweet then u can hit nin and not get in trouble" she said I highfived her the girls chibi sweatdropped "il be in lena's room" i said I got under the covers and went to sleep they laughed "she truly is something" ru said "mmhmm" ino said she caled i walked down "shes home see ya" I said I cast a spell it was my dream rom I went to slep I woke up and got a shower

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