About the Malware on Quibblo..... Please read if you're a fan of my stories or my friend on here.

Just read, it's important.

Chapter 1

Malware on Quibblo

by: MrsRadke
Hi everyone, it's Ivana (TeamJacobLuvsMj) I have an issue that I'd like to address with all of my friends/fans on here.

Okay, so recently everyone has been getting Malware warnings or notifications on their computers concerning Quibblo, correct? Well so have I.
I am extremely worried since it's been happening increasingly more and more recently. I don't know what we are supposed to do, besides tell Quibblo about it. I hope that they know already, but please, help by sending them messages to raise awareness to the problem.

Also, a lot of people are deleting their Quibblo's because of it, but lemme tell you something.
I'd honestly rather have to buy a new laptop entirely than to EVER leave this site. I've talked to too many great people, read too many amazing stories, and taken too many awesome quizzes to leave here. If Quibblo is going down, I'm sure gonna do my best to be right there 'till the very end.

Another thing I wanted to say was about my stories. NO, I will NOT be deleting them, even though there is a possibility of them being deleted by the virus. I was actually planning to back them up on Microsoft word, and then store them on a jump drive, so then I will always have them. If Quibblo did somehow go down, I'd just put them on my Wattpad (by the way, my Wattpad name is the same as my Quibblo one TeamJacobLuvsMj
So you other story writers might want to back your stuff up too, just in case. But I have a good feeling that we will make it past this virus thingy, and us Quibblonians will stand strong against it! Fight 'til the finish, right? :D

Okay and the last thing I wanted to say was that I've met so many awesome people on here, and I'm not really sure what I will do if I can't talk to you anymore. So, my proposition is that I will give out my legit cell phone number to my REAL Quibblo friends only. By real, I mean I've talked to you for at least 3 months and I trust you with it.
Right now only two people come to mind when I say that, but there might be others.
So leave a comment down below if you want my number so we can still talk if Quibblo goes down.

However, for all of my other fans and friends, I will give you my YouTube IVANALUVSMJ so you can message me there if you have one.
I'm a little hesistant to give out my e-mail or facebook, so ask me if you really want them. Oh, and my Twitter is the same as my YouTube, so you can follow me there, too.

Alright guys, I think that's it! I think we're going to make it through this, but if we don't remember that I love you all and I will never forget Quibblo!
Bye everyone! :)


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