Christmas Comes Once A Year (An Original Story)

I'm writing this for a Holiday Story Contest by Charming Potions.

Chapter 1

My Curse

Christmas comes once a year. Many other people think it should happen more. Though, for different reasons, to see the family more, to get more presents, for once to have a day were your parents aren’t fighting.

I’m not much into Christmas. (A.N. Gasp what is wrong with her? I ABSOULUTLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Sorry moving on.) Christmas is the time for happiness, joy, peace, when families get together, and most importantly love.

But what happens when you don’t have a family, when you haven’t felt happiness, joy, peace in a long time, and when your lovers always die leaving you alone once again.

Curses, you may say, are unreal, but to me they are as real as you and me. So if you’re calling yourself a fake, then you can go on believing that curses are just in made up stories. So stop reading if you want, but to those who want to continue this is the story about my life.

My curse..... is immortality.

I know it's short. I'm just setting up the story.


Brie ♥

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