Don't Look Back (a vampire love story)

Okay so this is my first ever story on this site! I really enjoy writing stories so I hope you love reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! <3

Chapter 1


She walked through the iron gates and out onto the pathway, kicking the red and golden leaves as she went. Today was her favourite kind of day; crisp, cold and in the middle of autumn. Her boots made a loud noise on the concrete footpath and she buttoned up her green coat. She didn't even need the coat, or the hat, or the gloves. She didn't feel the cold. The only reason she wore them was to fit in, to look inconspicuous. If she just went out without these apparently essential items, she would look strange and suspicious.
Sometimes she wondered just how different she really looked to everybody else. People were wary of her, she couldn't get close to any human, not that she would want to. Things like that were way too dangerous. She didn't look obviously different from everybody else. She had darkish red hair, like the leaves and her skin was porcelain and flawless. When she was human she wasn't conventionally beautiful, just average looking really, but now she had this other-worldly beautiful quality to her face. You wouldn't be able to pin-point it, but it was there.
However she couldn't think about that. She had more important things to deal with. She focussed her mind on the strong smell entering her nose. It made her stomach churn with sickness and hunger. She knew she probably wouldn't be able to have it, but she was compelled to follow its trail anyway. It smelled sweet and welcoming. Perhaps she could have some, but only a bit. She couldn't justify killing another human for their blood. But this one smelled amazing. So amazing that it almost sickened her. Yes. She would have to go after it. Perhaps she would be able to stop herself before she killed them.
Her mind replayed the last time she had pure, undiluted human blood. It felt like years ago but it could only have been weeks. She had approached her prey from behind. He was a security guard at a rock concert. She had hit him over the head first, her immense strength rendering him unconscious instantly. She had sunk her teeth into his crumpled body, stopping only when there was nothing left. She was careful not to get too much venom into him, she didn't want to create a new vampire. Thankfully she'd never done that before and never wanted to.
The glorious smell motivated her to carry on, her head spinning from sheer hunger. She let her nose guide her and began to run. She ran faster than ever, she needed to get there, to the blood. She found herself at a block of flats. Her vampire intuition told her that the smell was coming from floor 4. She opened the locked door easily, her strength allowing her to do so. Up the stairs she ran, three steps at a time and there she was, floor 4.
Barely aware of what she was doing, she knocked on the door of flat 5 and waited for somebody to answer. The door finally answered and the person who answered was tall with black hair that almost covered his bright, deep blue eyes.
'Uuuh, who are you?' The boy asked, he must have been around 19 years old, not much older than the girl, but a lot taller. He closed the door behind him.
'My name is Forever' The girl replied, slowly, calmly. Then, in contrast to the way she spoke, she dived on the boy quickly, not waiting to make him unconscious. The smell was overpowering and in a crazed frenzy she thrust her teeth into the warm pulsing vein in his neck. The sweet, sweet juice began to pour into her mouth, filling it with warmth and blood. She swallowed it down hungrily and carried on drinking. The boy was almost dry when she looked down at him. She saw his eyes, big and blue, so innocent. Her mouth filled with venom, more and more coming out from her fangs. She didn't pull out like she usually did, but carried on going, venom pulsing into the tall boy, his hair almost covering his face. She wasn't even aware of what she was doing, but was mesmerized by his warm blue eyes.
Then suddenly she was brought back to reality when his eyes shut. She realised what had happened and pulled out her fangs immediately. She knew it was too late. He had already received enough venom for him to be reborn.
The door opened and another black haired boy appeared. He was much shorter and had high cheekbones and dark eyes which widened at the sight of his friend lying on the floor. He looked from him to her, then back to him.
'What... the...f...' He stammered, turning pale. The girl (Forever) didn't know whether to run or stay. Just as she was about to run, a nagging thought entered her head. She needed to stay. She had to tell them what happened and hope they understood. It was her fault that she had created a vampire so she must stay and at least try to help.
'I can explain later. We have to get him inside first.' She said, trying her best to look trustworthy.
'Wait... why should I trust you? My friend is slumped on the floor and you want me to let you in?' He asked after regaining his calmness.
'If you don't want my help, that's fine but to be perfectly honest, he's gonna be pretty dangerous without my help. If you'll just let me help him, he will be okay.' Forever replied, trying to stay calm.
'What do you mean... dangerous?' He asked.
'Seriously, I promise I will explain later, but we don't have long left' Without a word, the shorter boy picked up the tall one and took him in, leaving the door open for Forever. She walked in and shut the door behind her.
She turned around to see four boys all around the one she'd bitten, who was laying on a rather ragged couch. Forever stepped forward and the boys all turned their heads in unison towards her.
'Who's she?' One of them asked.
'My name is Forever. You're gonna have to believe me on this, not to mention trust me, but I have a lot of explaining to do. I am a vampire. When he answered the door, I bit him and drank all of his blood. A lot of my venom went into him so he won't die, he will transform into a vampire like me. If you will let me, I will train him and teach him everything I know so he won't be a danger to anyone. Honestly, it's the least I can do to help. And if you don't believe me, that's fine, but if you'd just let me stay until he wakes you will see that what I'm saying is true.' She said. It was all she could say without crying.
'You know what? I think I actually believe her' The shorter one who carried him in said to the others. 'By the way my name's Alex and he's Luke' He said, gesturing towards the tall, unconscious one on the sofa. His eyes were still closed and his legs dangled over the edge of the sofa. His skin was fairly pale and his dark hair laid across his face, covering his forehead and most of his eyes which were rimmed with black.
Forever remembered who turned her. She hated him so much. She still did, a whole two years later. Luke would probably hate her when he wakes up, but there was nothing she could do now. She could only try to help him, unlike her turner, who just abandoned her.
Luke. Forever said in her head before walking over towards him. She checked his pulse. There wasn't one. His skin felt much colder and harder as she brushed her hand across his cheek. Luke's eyelids fluttered and his deep blue irises emerged...

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