Stuck Inside a Cloud

This is a weird romance between a girl named Alice and best mates John W. Lennon and James P. Macca (Often referred to as Paul McCartney).
This is just a filler story guys, something to keep me going while I get my aptitude going on Postcards.
Enjoy it anyways!
P.S. In chapter 2 that song inspired the story, see if you can guess where this goes ^.^

Chapter 1

Never Slept So Little

The first time I met him, I was sure heII had been unleashed.
He was a whirlwind of emotion.
Intense emotion at that.
One minute he was smiling and winking at me from across the concert floor and the next he looked almost sad as they switched positions to face the other way.
But why should ''I'' think that way about ''him''?
Because I was a paid photographer. I was ''paid'' to get people like him to look at me.
No matter ''which'' way he looked at me.
When the concert was over I took my slow leisurly walk through the Mall and headed for my hotel room.
The walk was silent for the night of ''the very first'' Beatles U.S. tour.
But it was a welcomed silence after hours of all those screams and-
"Oy..." I sighed, ''So much for silence-''
"Hey," He smiled, bumping shoulders with me. "Yer the bird that was takin' pictures of me."
I raised an eyebrow, "What makes you so sure they were of ''just'' you?"
He laughed, "Who else would they be of?"
I looked him over for a second. Black and white classic suit. Moptop of dark brown hair, tinted with red in some places but not many. Dark eyes, peircing but beautiful.
"John Lennon." He held out his hand.
I took note that we had stopped in the middle of the Mall and shook his hand but instead of shaking mine, he took it to his lips and kissed the back of it.
I cleared my throat softly to keep from blushing, but I had a feeling it didn't help too much seeing as he smiled cheekily.
"Alice Walters." I introduced myself and we continued at a leisurely pace towards my hotel.
"Alice... like Alice in Wonderland?" He asks.
I laughed, "Yeah."
"You get that a lot?" He asks folding his hands over in his pants pockets.
"Not really. I just like how you said my name." I admit with a slight blush.
He smiled and let out a small laugh, "You live 'round here?"
"Uh.... not really. I'm from Aruba." I smile.
"Really?" He gapes.
"Yeah." I laugh quickly and toy with the lanyard around my neck.
"I wouldn't have guessed, you look like e'ryone else." He smiled.
I laughed, "What's that supposed to mean?"
His face fell, "Well, not like that. All I mean is, well you're beautiful and that's why I came after ye and I was just sayin' I though that, you know, eople down there, they were darker and...-"
I was laughing. "I know, you don't have to explain. It was only a joke."
He laughed quickly and sat on the steps out side the Air & Space Museum.
"Uh... are you doin' anythin' tonight?" He asks with a slight smirk playing at his lips.
I thought through all the plans on my plate for the next month, trying hardest to focus on tonight.
"Don't think so, why?" I sat the camera down next to me.
"The lads and I, we're goin' dancin'. I just simply ''can't'' go alone and you, luv, are the most ''beautiful'' bird I've seen so far. Not to mention you seem to know this town better than the rest o'the lot o'us. Maybe you could be my date...?" He dawdled on bringing out several points about me being more of a guide and casual aquaintence than anything.
"Fine." I agree. "But I'm not going in ''this''."
He nods, "Let's go buy you a dress then."
I shake my head, "It's just around the corner to my hotel. Come with me real quick."

The walk was ''fun''.
We hoppd between the shade of the street lights, trying to push each other into the light until finally the both of us collapsed to the ground in the lobby of my all to posh hotel.
He was making fun of all the snooty stuck up snobs staying here until I shoved him and reminded him ''I'' was staying there, that shut him up.
We were laughing raucously again by the time we reached my room.
"John," I laughed as we fell to the floor. "Get off me!"
He laughed and helped me up, "Sorry, sorry. It's hard to get 'round when yer blind as me."
I smiled watching him bat his eyes until I slapped him softly on the cheek and wandered to my room, leaving the camera and lanyard on the table.
John, thinking he was sneaky, slipped in behind me as I went to find that dress I'd bought the other day.
It was just below my knees and flared out a little, but not too much, and it was this deep dark night time blue that seemed to speak the words I couldn't manage. ''I am beautiful, love me.''
"I like that one." John stopped me and pulled out the little red one my cousin had sent me for a present one year.
"You ''would'' wouldn't you?" I ask putting it back and laughing.
"Well? I've been on a plane and in a car, in a hotel room and in a car, on stage and now I'm in a room with some drop dead gorgeous bird. What d'ye expect luv?" He laughed falling onto my bed and laying on his stomach.
"Chivalry if you want a date tonight." I say glancing at him in the mirror as I found the dress and pulled it out.
"Chivalry? I'm John Lennon! That's the ultimate package and now you expect a knight in shining armour?" He laughs sitting up as I laid the dress out before him.
"Yes," I smile smoothing the wrinkles out. "Now tell me, ''John Lennon'', what do you think of this one?"
"Dunno," He shrugs with a serious face. "Model it for me."
I smiled, "Should've seen that coming."

I couldn't stop laughing. This was great.
Not only was he so much more different than I had expected but he was super sweet, no not Paul!
John, yeah, John. He kept spinning me and pulling me closer and closer and closer and he was just such an amazing dancer.
"Just one dance!" He pleaded as I fought him, in a laughing fit, to sit down.
"No! Come on John! Just sit down and relax." I pulled him into the booth next to me, and rubbed the wrinkles out of my dress.
"I can fix that for you." He said with a laugh.
I slid away, bumping straight into Paul. "Don't you dare!"
"Keep yer hands off Len!" Paul said wrapping his arms around me.
John shrugged mumbling angrily to himself, "I'm gettin' a drink. Ta."
I sighed, feeling sad that he was grumbly all of a sudden.
"So yer Alice." Paul let go of me and smiled.
"Yeah." I smiled too, sliding comfortably away. "Paul, right?"
He nodded with a smile. "So can I have a dance or are you done for tonight?"
I listened to the song, "Ooh! Yeah," It was Elvis' Kiss Me Quick. "Lets go!"
He laughed and we began to dance.
"Let the band keep playin'." Paul was singing along and pulled me close.
"Kiss me quick!" I giggled.
The sad thing? He did...

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