Do you think my best friend likes me?

Hey I am so conflicted about me and my best friend.

Chapter 1


Ok, so he has been my best friend since 6th grade (and we are in 8th now). We are in almost all of the same classes. He is just like me and we always hang out- like duh hes my best friend. We always make jokes and nicknames for each other and we have more inside jokes than I can count. Tons of people come up to me and say that we should go out...and now its starting to affect my thinking. I never liked liked him but now that ive been thinking about it....Anyways people would go up to me when Im alone and when me and my friend are hanging out together. I dont even know if he thinks of girls in a girlfriend way yet. His voice is lower than it was and he is tall-so I think hes hit his growth spurt. Im just so confused. I dont know if I should ask him out-but then it might be akward- or if I should just let him make the first move or if I should get hints or you know...SOMETHING!!! PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD DO!!!!


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