Missing Pieces (Supernatural Story)

Hello there! This is a group story I'm doing with Love_Is_Like_Hell, this is her idea! Enjoy! :P

Chapter 1

Tale Of Two Sisters

Marina's POV

The alarm clock went off, and I shot up, still panting from the nightmare I'd been having. I hit the alarm, and it finally shut up.
I wasn't suprised to find Halo still asleep. I slowly got up, and pulled my colorful clothes on. I took my time with brushing my long hair, still staring with amusement at my twin.
I yawned, and grabbed my pillow, lifting it up and slapping my sister harshly with it.
"OW!" Halo yelled, scrambling out of her bed, and falling onto the floor. "MARINA! WILL YOU NEVER DO THAT AGAIN? SHEESH!"
I grinned, shrugged, and tossed her her clothing. "Hurry up. Or wel'll be late."
She scowled at me, and I ran out of the room quickly.
I tied my hair into a ponytail, and applied red lipstick in front of the mirror. It never hurt to take care of my looks.
Halo came storming into the bathroom, and pushed me aside. "You look good enough, get out," she growled. I obeyed, insulted, and went into the kitchen. Our parents were nowhere to be seen, but I shrugged it off, and grabbed an apple.
Soon enough, my sister wheeled around the corner and grabbed my apple.
"Hey!" I protested. "I was eating that!"
"Get a new one," she said, her mouth full. I huffed, and picked up my backpack. "Whatever."
She tossed me the carcass. I threw it in the binn. "Are you ready to go?" I asked her.
Halo rolled her eyes at me. "I guess you can see I'm the older twin," I said dryly, opening the door and eyeing my watch. "You're so immature, Halo."
She raced by me. "You're so vain, Marina."
I threw her an irritated look.


Halo ducked out of the way as I nearly swung my backpack into her face. "School's out!" I sang.
"Is it a general rule to hit someone in the face with your backpack when school is out?" Halo grumbled.
"No, it was an accident!" I exclaimed.
Or maybe not... I added mentally.
My sister snorted. "Just because you were born on April's Fools Day, doesn't mean you have to act like it, " Halo said, a smug grin on her face.
"Just because you were too comfortable in Mum's stomach and waited until Halloween to come out doesn't mean you have to dress like that," I retorted.
My sister glanced at her dark clothing. "You're getting better," she mumbled.
"I know. I practise two hours a day."
Halo and I errupted into snorts, and she nudged my in the rubs. I gasped. "Sheesh, you have a pointy elbow!" I moaned.
"What can I say? I sharpen it for you everyday."
"Sisterly love," I groaned.

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