Until the Earth Ends (A Starkid Story)

Hi! I started this a little while ago, so now I am posting it! I am me and Jim is Jim. Starkid is Starkid and now I sound like an idiot. Love ya!
less than three, hugs and butterfly kisses

Chapter 1


by: hcsmith
We sat on the bench, swinging our legs in companionable silence.
"Hey Jim?" I asked
"Yeah, Hannah?" he responded
"Are we best friends?"
"I don't know. Do you want to be?"
"I don't know. I've never had a best friend before."
"Me neither."
There was a breif period of quiet.
"Hey Hannah?' Jim asked
"Lets be best friends."
A huge smile split my 8 year old face and I leaned against him
"Ok. Best friends forever and ever."
"Until...until the Earth ends!"
I giggled
"Ok Jim. Until the Earth ends."
THe next day we met again at the playground. Jim was smiling his special smile, the smile that meant that he had an exciting secret. A smile that, even then, I knew meant that soon he would pull me away and whisper something in my ear, something that nobody would know but the two of us.
I was right.
We ended up on the bench again, but this time, there was no swinging of legs. Jim was all buisness and praactically bursting with excitement.
"I made us bes friend necklaces!" he exclaimed, pulling out of his pocket 2 silver chains with a safety pin hooked around each one. "I borrowed the chains from Mom and I found the pins all by myself!" He fastened one around my neck. "Now you put one on me!" I reached for the remaining necklace and draped it around his neck, carefully fastening it. "Now we will be best friends forever, officially!"
"Until the Earth ends."
"Until the Earth ends."
Early August after Senior Year of High School
Jim and I sat on the bench near the playground, our tried and true meeting place. Jim. My best friend forever. We had stayed close through middle and high school, our friendship only strengthening as the years passed. We had never, ever taken off our necklaces.
Tomorrow Jim would be leaving for the University of Michigan while I traveled to California. We were both going to study theatre, but I was minoring in dance as well. We had both wanted to go to U of M, but by the time that I found out that, even with a scholarship and financial aid, I wouldm't be able to afford it because my mother, who dissaproved of acting in general, refused to help pay, it was too late. Jim had already informed the school that he would be attending in the fall, while I went to UCLA because of their bigger scholarships. We would be separated. I leaned on his shoulder.
"We'll still be best friends, right?" I asked as we stood up, preparing to leave. He looked me right in the eye, his dark hazel eyes boring into my dark blue ones. He seemed to hesitate, then gave me a bone crushing hug, whispering "Until the Earth ends." Then he turned and walked away, without a backwards glance. Why couldn't he stay? Why couldn't he love me like I love him?
"Until the Earth ends" I whispered, watching him dissappear down the path.
Letting Jim Povolo, my best friend, the man that I loved, walk out of my life.
"Until the Earth ends."
A/N-Hey! New story! I actually started this one a while ago, B.Q. (before Quibblo) so now I am posting it! Please, Please, Please with a redvine on top comment with what you think! And how often I should post a chapter. Love you all!
less than three, hugs and butterfly kisses

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