;) enjoy....

Chapter 1


Actually, my nephew Taylor was eating my tampon. It started on a rainy Sunday night, and I combing out my hair after a nice, hot long shower. I was occupied, you see. And I heard the laughing of my parents in the kitchen, and the coughing of Taylor. I thought it was nothing and continued to primp, rubbing on lotion, putting in my earrings. Then I climbed down the stairs and went into my room, where I normally keep my Tampons, because I don't want my brother or sister to see them. It's embarrassing! So anyway, I went into my room and noticed my tampons were gone. Okay, I wasn't upset or worried. I must've misplaced them. So I looked around, I was going to ask my mom where my tampons were, so I sat down in the front room. After a while, I got curious. So I walked up the stairs and into my moms bedroom. I know, I thought maybe she had taken them upstairs for some odd reason, and there is where I found my nephew Taylor chewing on a tampon. At first, I was angry and yanked the box away from him. Then, I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, OMG! MY tampon ! He was eating it. I told his mom, she told him it wasn't food, and every one when back to their knitting. It was later that they disappeared again. I was angry. I stormed into the front room and yanked the box of tampons from Taylor again. I hit him on the head with one and asked him why he wanted to it. He replied
"They smell fruity. I thought they might taste fruity too!" and I laughed. Showed him they weren't food, and he accused me of just wanted to save them all for myself. He hasn't touched them yet anymore, but I'm keeping an eye out. Just wanted to share that with ya. I personally think it's HILARIOUS but my mom thought differently. Anyway, it was funny.
Er............Tay's weird so.....yeah.......bye.


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