Nox aeternum (House of Night)

Written by two authors, myself (TeamGryffindor) and a friend (who, unfortunately, is not a Quibblo native).


The Full Moon Ritual at Nyx's temple, at which a few students with elemental affinities will be representing, rather than professors.

The elements representatives are below.

Water: Kateryna (Fourth former and Dark Daughter)
Earth: Anabelle (Sixth former)
Fire: Ember (Fifth former)
Air: Faded (Sixth former)
Spirit: Tiara (Fourth former)

Chapter 1

An affinity for water (Kateryna)

Kateryna was relatively early for the Full Moon Ritual. She had gotten back early from Tae Kwon Do, which was her last class of the day, and had slept for a good half an hour in her dorm. Being that she had seriously nothing else to do (except read an epic chapter of Homer's Odyssey for Lit. class), Kateryna had taken a stroll around the campus before she realized that that night was the Full Moon Ritual.

In a real slow pace, Kateryna had then proceeded to Nyx's Temple, which was nearly deserted (for now). She was actually surprised to see Iridessa at the entrance, a bowl full of oil in her hands.

"Hello, Kateryna." Iridessa softly smiled. Kateryna smiled back. Iri was from her Equestrian class, and they both owned black and beautiful mares.

Kateryna pumped her fist to her heart and bowed.

"Welcome to Nyx's Temple. Merry meet, and blessed be." Iri dipped her forefinger in the oil and then traced what felt like a pentagram on Kateryna's forehead. An electric jolt of energy ran down Kateryna's body, and it felt like rain drizzling down softly.

"Blessed be," Kat replied, and entered through the tall oak doors, the oil tingling on her forehead.

As expected, the whole of the temple was empty. A few Dark Daughters had set up the Temple for the Ritual beforehand, but as for now, the temple was empty. Kat was certainly early.
Kat walked gracefully around the circle, which was set up perfectly. Medium-sized red candles surrounded the circle, its bee-line of redness sometimes interrupted by the large, unlit candles that represented four of the elements: air, to the east, fire, to the south, water, to the west, and earth, to the north. In the middle of the circle was a wooden table, with four goblets filled with wine placed on them. There was also a lit purple spirit candle, along with an ornamental lighter lighter, a bowl of fruit, and the small statue of Nyx.

Kat observed the large, blue candle in the outer circle. That one was the water candle, of course, and as Kateryna neared it, she could almost smell the ocean and the sea salt. Kat remembered with a jolt that she was invited to represent water in the circle. Which was, of course, an honor. Kat's affinity for water never failed her, and she was glad to represent the element.

She sat, cross-legged, before the unlit blue candle. Kat knew she had to take her place in the corner, but for now, she would be silently praying to Nyx and enjoying her unity with her element candle.

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