It's Official.

I feel like sharing something I find really awesome.

Chapter 1

My Username

Well, it is official, guys.

I am the one and only person on the ENTIRE INTERNET named ModModNurb.

I googled it, all that came up was my stories here on quibblo. Under my name.

I clicked images, all it was was pics in my photo album and my friends pics. I feel so special. :)

Sorry if this is boring. I just find it cool. Besides, I can't really give credit to coming up with my name ONLY to myself. When I was in sixth grade, my teacher, Mr. Borton (He is super-duper mega awesome) handed out a crossword sheet and told us to do it. Me and my buddy Alexandria worked on it together, and we soon got bored with it and started looking in it for hidden names. I found ModModNurb, my friend Alex was Foupado, Gladrial (another bud) was Vimix, and Gabe (yet another friend lol) was Hoopert.
Soon we all had nicknames and we only called eachother by said nicknames for a whole month.

i heart my friends. :)

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