The Not-So Ordinary Life of Charlotte Gilbert (Vampire Diaries Fanfic)

A story I wrote on's not getting many views, and since I can't bombard people with story invitations on wattpad, i brought it here. So here it is...The Not-So Ordinary Life of Charlotte Gilbert.

Chapter 1


*note: this is not following the timeline of TVD at all whatsoever. It's a fanfiction. So calm your hormones. okay?

Chapter 1-Thud...Dead.

"Charlotte Gilbert, you're wanted at the office!" The annoying voice squawked over the intercom. Everyone in my tenth-grade math class giggled.

"Oh, Char, what did you do now?" My friend Brooke laughed beside me.

"Nothing. I didn't do anything." I was actually telling the truth this time. I hadn't pulled any pranks since my in-school suspension last week (and we all know how much those suck).

"Charlotte, you can go to the office now." Mrs. Broccoli Head grumbled. (Okay, her real last name wasn't Broccoli Head, It was something like Brockelhurst. But we all called her Mrs. Broccoli Head, but never to her face, of course).

"Of course-Mrs. B." I took my math textbook and binder and headed to the principal's office. I barely even needed to pay attention to where I was going-at this point, walking to the principal's office was second nature to me. I even had my own chair in there.

When I knocked on the door and Mr. Garriston (our principal) opened the door, he didn't look angry at all. In fact, he kind of looked...sad.

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it. And i'm telling the truth this time." I said. Mr. Garriston sighed.

"You're not in trouble, Charlotte."

"Then what is it?"

"Take a seat, Miss Gilbert." I head directly to my special beanbag chair in front of his desk- last year's Christmas present from yours truly.

"I have some tragic news." He said, refusing to look me in the eyes.


"Your father." My heart raced. My father was always out on missions to kill vampires and werewolves, and I was always afraid that something bad would happen to him.

"W-What about my dad?"

"I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, Charlotte. But your father, he's dead." I felt warm tears streaming down my cheeks.

"H-How did he die? Was it a v- i mean, animal attack?" Mr. Garriston shook his head.

"The police said he was just walking home from work when he just dropped dead, out of the blue. They're doing tests to see what caused it, but so far, there's nothing."

"Are you sure?" Mr. Garriston nodded. I sat there for a minute, taking it all in. And then...I burst out laughing.

"I know what this is! It's all a joke, to get back at me for all of the things I did to you! Well, congratulations, you got me!" Mr. Garriston averted his eyes, and was now staring out the window.

"If you don't believe me, then do home and see for yourself." he said, calmly.

"Fine then! You're a little coo-coo, you know that, right?" Mr. Garriston didn't reply. I ran out of the principal's office and ran home, only to find police officers going in and out of my house, and a dead body under a white sheet, lying on a gurney.

Really? I thought, Mr. Garriston brought the policeinto this???

"Ha, ha, very funny. I already know that this is all a prank. You guys can leave now." They all looked at me strangely.

"This is a prank, isn't it?" One of the police officers shook his head. I ran over to the gurney and, even though an officer tried to stop me, ripped the white sheet off of it.

Lying there, motionless, was my father. His skin was pale and cold, and his lips were starting to turn a purply-white color.

"Daddy?" I asked, poking his face. His head flopped lifelessly to the side.

"Oh my god." I felt myself starting to cry again.

"Excuse me, miss, are you Charlotte Isobel Gilbert?" I spun around. There was a young, female police officer standing at on the front steps of my house.

"Yeah, that's me."

"I found a letter adressed to you in your father's pocket." She came over to me and handed me an envelope.

"Thank you, um..." I looked up at her name tag. "Justine." Justine The Police Officer nodded and walked away. I opened the letter slowly.

Dear Charly,

I am really, really sorry I had to leave you like this. But it's for the best, I promise. You're going to have to go to Mystic Falls to live with your cousins, Jeremy and Elena. You'll go to high school at Mystic Falls High. You'll make new friends and be happy. Just always remember, I love you Charlotte. You'll always be my little girl, regardless of if i'm dead or not.



After reading over my dad's letter about 4394 times, I fell to the ground and started crying.

"It's okay, sweetheart." Justine said, trying to comfort me. "We've already had a call saying that Jenna Sommers, your father's brother's wife's sister, will come to pick you up and bring you to Mystic Falls, where you'll live from now on. I'd just like to ask you a few questions first. Was there anything you know of that may have caused your father's death?"

"He-he researched folklore. I don't know if that's anything that might help. How did he die?"

"We're not exactly sure what happened-we've been told that someone saw him just walking down the street normally, and then he fell...thud...dead. He had no wounds or anything." How was that even possible!? He dropped dead, just like that? There had to be more to the story.

"Is there anyone you can stay with until Jenna arrives to pick you up tomorrow?" I nod.

"My friend Brooke might be able to let me stay at her place." I said. I looked down at my feet and realized that my legs were shaking. I slowly took out my phone from my pocket and dialed Brooke's phone number.

"You're lucky you didn't call two seconds ago! Class literally just ended! Now, what did you do now?" Brooke laughed on the other end of the call.

" dad died." Dead silence.


"My dad just died. Dropped dead. Out of nowhere."

"Oh. Wow. I'm so sorry."

"Thanks. Listen, can I stay at your place for the night?" Dead silence again.

"Of course."


Yupperz, another sucky first chapter!

But the next one will be better. (pinky promise ^.^)

Kirasaurus out :P



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