Dudley Dursley's Daughter Disaster

Randomly got this idea while i was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I might just make this a one chapter kind of story, unless you people really want me to continue this story.

Chapter 1

Possibly the only chapter that will ever be written for this story - so try to enjoy it

"Hello, Harry."
"Hello, Dudley. What are you doing here? I thought that we said we would visit your home in a week from now, before my children went to... school."
"Well, thats just it, you see-"
"Daddy! Those look like Hogwarts robes!" Nicole, Dudley's eldest child, rang out as she pointed at the robes Albus and James Potter were both trying to hide from her vision.
"Hogwarts? You mean to tell me that you told Nicole here about magic?" Harry asked his cousin.
"No, well not exactly- may we come in to talk about this?" Dudley asked in a hurry as his wife, Rosemary, gripped his hand as if to relax him. Dudley gave her a reassuring smile as they both walked into the home of the Potter's.
Harry ushered the children outside to play, and then walked back into the living room, where Ginny, Dudley, and Rosemary all waited patiently for him.
"I thought that you wanted your daughter to not know of magic," Harry stated curiously.
"We didn't. But then, just yesturday morning..." Rosemary's voice trailed off as if she was thinking about the memory.
"Harry, she got the letter," Dudley finished.
"Nicole got a Hogwarts letter?" Ginny asked, failing to hide her surprise and amazement. Dudley just nodded as he looked out the window, to see his daughter and son both playing outside with Albus, James, and Lily.
"Oh this is wonderful! The kids love playing with Nicole and Lucas when they come over! Now they dont need to hide magic from them either!" Ginny continued as she clapped her hands together with glee.
"And what do you think of this?" Harry addressed Dudley.
"I'm... I'm actually proud."
"Proud?" Harry had not been expecting that answer.
"Yes, proud. I gave you seventeen years of hell for being a wizard - and im sorry for that - but now that my daughter turns out to be a witch... Im proud that she has the chance to grow up to be like you, one of your kind."
Before Harry got the chance to answer, the fire in the fireplace flashed a bright green color. Outstepped Hermione and Ron Weasley, with their kids Hugo and Rose following behind them.
"That'll be hard to get used to," Dudley mumbled as he watched the fire fade back from green to yellow.
"Oh, hello Dudley. Sorry, we know how much you don't like it when we floo in here, but we didnt expect to see you here today," Hermione said.
"Looks like im going to have to get used to it anyway," Dudley mumbled.
"Huh?" Hermione began to question, but Harry cut her off as he escorted the children outside to join all the other kids out there. Harry all watched them running around out there for a moment. He watched as James teased his brother Albus, and as Lily talked animately with Nicole and Rose, and as Lucas and Hugo both laughed at a joke Lucas had just made previously.
Lucas and Nicole definitely seemed different then the Dursley's Harry had known. Lucas, while he looked like Dudley when he was young, acted much differently. He didnt torture younger kids, no, he was a kind kid. Nicole had the same blonde hair as Dudley, but was petite and just as kind as Lucas was to everyone.
Harry tore his eyes away from the kids and walked back into the living room.
"A Dursley got a Hogwarts letter?" Ron's voice asked, almost in disbelief.
"I cant imagine what Uncle Vernon's reaction would be to that," Harry chuckled.
"Please Harry," Dudley begged, "you can not tell father about this!" Harry agreed with a kind smile, and Dudley let out a breath of relief.
"What about Lucas? Do we know if he is a wizard yet?" Hermione said as she peeked out the window to see the child outside with her son Hugo. Everyone in the room turned to Dudley, but he just shrugged, "guess we will find out in 2 years, huh?"
"Well i guess there isnt anything left to say besides... Welcome to the Wizarding World," Ron said with a slight smirk.
"And we can help you with anything that you may not understand just quite yet," Ginny added, her excitement still easily able to be seen by everyone else.
"uh..." It seemed that Dudley was still overwhelmed by all of this.
"How about you come to Diagon Alley with us today? We were going to take Rose and Albus today anyway, how come you come along to get Nicole's supplies as well?" Harry proposed.
There were a few moments of silence before a small smile lit up on Dudley's face, and then he looked up at his cousin's face, and said five simple words that changed the family name of Dursley forever: "Yeah, i would like that."

Author's note: so, as the intro and chapter title says, this may be the only chapter ever written for this story. If you really want me to continue with this story though, it would be continued in Nicole's point of view and would be about the next generation at hogwarts.

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